My American #QuarterHorse Is...

We asked our Facebook friends what their #QuarterHorse is to them. Here are a few of our favorites.

Our #QuarterHorse is our life. Gary Hawkes photo

With the holiday season fast approaching, we begin to reflect on our blessings in life and what we are thankful for. We asked our Facebook followers to reflect and tell us what their American Quarter Horse means to them.

Marge Ramal says, “My #QuarterHorse is my reason to work harder, so she has the best. She’s my child.” #Family

“My #QuarterHorse is my therapist and best friend!” comes from Mitzi Santana.

Laura Masinick could not think of a better reason to get out of bed in the morning than her #QuarterHorse. “Thank you, Cody! “

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Kaiann Goodin kept it short and simple: “My #QuarterHorse is willing.”

Jennifer Atkinson emphasized that her #QuarterHorse is “my life.”

Nicki Jennings finds her #QuarterHorse to be “my heart.”

Danielle Weaver summed it up quite nicely, saying that her #QuarterHorse is her best friend.

Julie Masters Russell combines the best of both words in her quote: “My #QuarterHorse is my heart and my life.”

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Julie Knuston Kull hit it right on the nose, saying her #QuarterHorse is “versatile.”

Rebecca Wooten says her #QuarterHorse is her “world.”

“My #QuarterHorse is my driving force. From work to leisure, I am blessed to say that not only my Quarter Horse, but the Quarter Horse breed as a whole encompasses all aspects of my life.” Truer words could not have been spoken. Thanks, Alexis J. O’Boyle.