Boot Tips

AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots offers tips for your horseback riding lifestyle

From AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots

To make your boots last, condition them regularly. Justin Boots photo

The weather's getting cooler, so take advantage of the opportunity to head indoors and give your boots some much-needed TLC to keep them in good shape for the months ahead.

You can keep your Justin Boots looking brand new by following some of these simple tips. Boots that require minimal care are the leathers with oil or wax in them. They are very low maintenance. These boots simply require a quick dust off with cloth or brush.

Cowboy Boot Cleaning Tip

  • Clean off loose dirt with a brush or rag
  • If the leather is a naked finish or suede make sure the brush is soft nylon
  • If desired, you can replenish with an all-purpose conditioner

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  • For polished leather or cow hide:

    • Use a leather conditioner or a balm

    • Then apply a neutral coat of shoe cream

    • To finish rub down with a soft cloth until they shine

  • For suede:

    • Conditioner might discolor, so the best advice is to cover in a couple layers of water stain protector when new

    • When applying protector, make sure to let dry between coats

  • For exotics (i.e. caiman, alligator, lizard, python or rattlesnake.)

    • Apply thin coats of reptile conditioner with a soft cloth frequently

    • Let them dry, then buff with a dry cloth

    • With rattlesnake, you don’t need to polish. Just brush them clean.

Justin Boots represents the best value in footwear, for instance 16 square feet of leather goes into making every pair. Every inch is checked for quality, durability and consistency, and only the finest leathers make the cut. That's why we want to make sure you get the most out of your boots.

Justin Boots, the leader in western and equine footwear, has a long-standing history of offering fashionable and functional boots made with intricate details and exotic materials. For more information, visit www.JustinBoots.com, and Justin Boots on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Watch this video to learn more about caring for your boots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLmMQ3LHcs

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