A Proper Fit

Do you know what kind of halter is best for your horse?

Information from Tractor Supply Co.

Is it time for a new halter for your horse? Consider safety and comfort when choosing the perfect material and fit. When making or choosing a halter for your horse, proper fit makes all the difference.Whether using rope, nylon or leather, fit is crucial for your horse’s safety and comfort. Choose a halter for your horse based on size and activity.

    • Sizes available are yearling, small, medium (regular), and large, and common sizing strategy and charts can be found online.
    • Don’t choose a halter that is too tight and uncomfortable for your horse.

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    • Cheek ring/ knots of the halter should fit about one finger’s width below the bottom of cheek bone.
    • Noseband should fit about two inches below the bony point of the cheek.
    • Always use a breakaway halter when trailering your horse. A breakaway halter is designed so that when it is put under pressure or stress by the horse, it will easily break to free the horse.
    • It is recommended that halters be removed in stalls or pasture. However, if a horse must be haltered during those times, choose a breakaway halter for safety.
    • Since horses use their rear hooves for scratching their necks and faces, a hoof could easily get caught in a halter. The design of the breakaway halter allows it to “break away” should a horse become caught up.

Tractor Supply Co. offers a variety of halter types and colors for your horse’s halter. After all, your horse should not only have a great-fitting halter, but a great-looking one, as well. TSC has a color and style to fit every horse and owner’s personality.

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