Bit-Buying Tips

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your next bit.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

Buying a bit for your horse can be intimidating. There are thousands of styles and brands out there to choose from. To help you narrow down your choice, Tom Balding, Billy Klapper and Greg Darnall offer this advice:

    • Choose a branded bit. The brand gives a guarantee of the product, and if there is a problem with the bit, you have someone to go back to.


    • Run your hands over the bit to give yourself an idea of what it will feel like in the horse’s mouth and to ensure that there are no sharp points or rough edges that could injure the horse.


    • Make sure the bit’s jointsmove smoothly and freely but are not overly loose. You want close-fitting, nonpinching joints.


    • Check the symmetry of the bit and make sure that one side is not heavier or lighter than the other side.

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Here are a few things to avoid in a bit:

    • Poorly shaped mouthpieces


    • Uneven size and shape of mouthpieces


    • Oversized joints in the shank and mouthpiece


    • Uneven size and shape of shanks



    • O-rings that are not round


    • Bent or uneven shanks


    • Straight pieces that are not straight


    • Sharp points and rough areas


    • Places that will pinch


    • Cheek pieces too high or low


    • Poor quality metals


    • Improper angles


    • Irregular or discolored metals


    • Unbalanced symmetry


    • Cracks in joints or other metal weaknesses


    • Overly loose joints

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