Bridle Path 101

With a little practice, patience and good advice, you can show clip your horse's bridle path.

There are many reasons why a horse can be difficult to clip:

He might be sensitive to the feel or to his head being touched; he might be genuinely afraid from a previous bad experience or abuse; or maybe he's a newcomer to the process and needs some time to get used to it.

As a trainer of halter horses, AQHA Professional Horseman Randy Jacobs of Dover, Ohio, knows a lot about clipping horses.

Here is his tried-and-true advice on setting yourself up for clipping success, even if that's not what your horse has in mind.

    • A safe place to clip. You want the area clear, nothing around that your horse can get into trouble with. And the lighting must be good. Choose a quiet area, out of traffic, not in the middle of an aisleway. At a horse show, you should do it in a stall.
    • The right horse clippers. Randy recommends an adjustable set that allows you to adjust the blade to cut different hair lengths. You also want to buy the quietest set you can find. Jacobs has an additional smaller set just to use in the ears; those are especially helpful in clipping foal ears.
    • Sharp blades. "Don't use dull blades," Randy advises. "When you're clipping real fine baby hair, they'll dull in a hurry." He also recommends having blades sharpened only once.
    • A clean horse. One of the biggest mistakes Randy sees people make is to clip a dirty horse. "That will kill blades in a hurry," he says. That doesn't mean your horse needs a full-blown bath, just wash whatever you plan to clip.
    • Horse clipping assistance. "I don't recommend anyone clipping a horse by themselves without anyone else around," Randy says. "You never know what can happen to you and your horse. Usually, we have a helper to hold the horse, especially with our babies."

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As the World Turns

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