Color Me Pretty

Using makeup right is the cheapest, easiest way to add to your showing style.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

“If you’re spending $100 to $1,000 on a nice show jacket or outfit, why wouldn’t you spend $15 to $150 on your glamour look to complement that outfit?”

Amateur Lisa Mays often poses that question to her horse show friends. Based in Reno, Nevada, she has been a Mary Kay consultant for years and has easy tips on how to add no-fuss glamour to your show look without breaking your pocketbook.

“If you had to have just one item to coordinate your show outfit, lipstick is it,” she says. Here are some other tips from Lisa:

Find the Right Foundation

A painter wants to paint on a nice canvas, and that’s just what your foundation is – the canvas for the rest of your makeup.

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Your basic foundation color will not change, because that’s your skin tone. Sandy has pink (cool undertones) in her skin. I’m Italian, and I have olive (warm undertones) in my skin. Find a foundation that matches your skin undertones.

Keep It Balanced

Everything you do glamour-wise should be to frame the eyes. Your eyebrows are the top part of the frame, the cheeks are the sides and the lips are the bottom of the frame. When you talk to someone, you want them drawn to your eyes.

People often don’t stay balanced in that frame. They’ll do up their eyes really well, then not wear lipstick. Or their lips will be really bright, and they’ll forget the cheeks. Watch out for contrasts in balance and color – you need the entire frame balanced to keep your eyes in the center of the picture.

Watch Color Placement

Remember that lighter colors enhance and draw out features, and darker colors tend to recede. If you use too much, it only increases that effect.

With blush, don’t go closer than two fingers’ width from the nose (approximately your eye width) and don’t ever go below the nose. That way, you’ll avoid mistakes like apple cheek blush. Start the color on the outer side of the face at the hairline and work toward the center, following the cheek bone.

On the eyes, don’t let your color go past the end of the eyebrow; all the color should stay within the frame of the eye.

Just Enough

If you are wondering if you’ve used too much makeup, ask yourself where your attention is drawn, to your eyes or to the makeup.

Blend Well

That is the most important application tip that people need to know. If you can’t tell where the color starts or stops, then you’ve done a good job. If there is a line marking that, then you haven’t. Have you seen someone with racing stripe blush? That comes from bad blending.

Change to Complement Your Outfit

You can have makeup on that looks good on you but is not the right color tones for your outfit. Your foundation color never changes, and you have a neutral makeup that you wear everywhere, but when you show, your cheek, lip and eye shadow colors should come from the same color family as your outfit.

For example, if you pick out a royal purple and silver outfit, those are cool colors, and the colors in your makeup should coordinate with that. That doesn’t mean you wear purple blush, but that the blush you use is from the cool color family.

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The cool color family has blue undertones. Think “ice;” it’s cold and makes your fingers blue: blues and purples. The warm color family has yellow undertones. Think of the sun or fire: yellows, oranges, reds.

There are colors that have a mix of blue and yellow undertones, like green, but they’ll be in the cool or warm family depending on how much blue or yellow they have.

And there are neutrals that go with either color family, like black and white.

Just like you have your hat box, your boot box and your garment bag for your show clothes, you should have your face box. It has foundation, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, gloss and mascara.