Equine Sports Boots

Why your horse might need leg support for his horse-showing and -training endeavors.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Professional's Choice

Our equine partners are routinely asked to perform complicated maneuvers they would not normally perform in nature, subjecting them to a wider variety of injuries than in the wild.

Just as a professional athlete wears protective gear on the playing field, the equine athlete needs protection. According to a trusted veterinary journal, the incidence of injuries in performance horses in training is around 30 percent, with the majority being suspensory injuries. A significant percentage of these injuries result in the end of the horse's career, not to mention exorbitant vet bills. When prevention of such injuries is practically assured with the use of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots, the question of "when to boot" becomes "why wouldn't you boot?"

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Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Boots were developed specifically to address the prevention of suspensory injuries while at the same time protecting the soft tissue from cuts, abrasions and contusions caused by impacts to the legs by hooves and various other hazards. SMBs were thoroughly tested at major universities before being put on the market.  According to veterinarian Dr. Michael Collier, use of SMBs provides significant ligament support to the distal limb of horses and can increase the energy absorption capacity of limbs by up to 45 percent. The energy absorption of the SMB can help prevent potential tendon, suspensory, ligament and other musculoskeletal damage to our equine athletes.

Equine protective boots are not all created equally. Professional's Choice invented the Sports Medicine Boot and is the only company that backs its products with solid scientific testing. Professional's Choice SMBs are the most trusted equine protective boots on the planet and the reason they are the official protective boots of AQHA.

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Quick Horse Boot Facts

    • 30 percent of horses in training experience injuries, mostly suspensory injuries
    • SMBs provide the very best lower limb support and protection during athletic activity
    • SMBs are significant in preventing injuries including hyperextension of the fetlock
    • Professional's Choice SMBs absorb up to 45 percent of negative energy
    • SMBs have saved countless horses from career-ending injuries
    • The SMB with suspensory support was invented by Professional's Choice