From Stall to Show

Do you have a "Most Valuable Horse?" Here are tips for stalling him safely.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

Most Valuable Horse

At this year's AQHA World Championship Show in Oklahoma City, horses in six open categories will reward their owners with a $5,000 bonus after being named Most Valuable Horse.

The MVH awards recognize the highest point-earning horses in six open divisions: western, roping, English, pattern/cow, speed and timed.

"The Most Valuable Horse awards are designed to showcase the talents and abilities of American Quarter Horses competing in multiple events and reward the horse's owners with a big bonus," said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. "Rules for the Most Valuable Horse awards have been modified slightly for 2009. Exhibitors are encouraged to qualify in more than one event that comprises the MVH award for those disciplines."

The rules for the 2009 MVH awards are as follows:

    1. The Most Valuable Horse awards will be given to the high-point horses in six open divisions:

        • Western (western pleasure, western riding and trail)

        • Roping (heading, heeling and tie-down)

        • English (hunter under saddle, hunter hack, working hunter, pleasure driving and jumping)

        • Pattern/Cow (cutting, reining and working cow horse)

        • Speed (barrel racing and pole bending)

        • Timed (ranch sorting and team penning)

    1. There is no formal entry for these awards. Each World Show open division entry is automatically entered, and points are distributed according to the placing in the class. First place is worth 10 points, and each placing after receives one less point down to one point for 10th place. Additional points are awarded based on the number of entries in the class (see chart below). Performance halter class placings will count as bonus points in the horse's respective divisions.
    1. A horse earning points in two or more classes will be placed over a horse earning points in only one class.
    1. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined using the Featherlite Superhorse tie-breaking system.

        • The horse earning points in the greatest number of classes will be the winner.

        • The horse earning more points in a halter class will be the winner.

        • The horse placing over the greatest number of entries in the classes in which it competed will be the winner.

MVH winners will each receive $5,000 cash and special recognition at the show. Although the Featherlite All-Around Amateur and Superhorse awards will remain unchanged, reserve through fifth-place Superhorse will no longer be recognized.

Safe Stalling

When attending horse shows at facilities such as fairgrounds, expo centers, equestrian centers and arenas, you are usually provided with a show stall for the duration of the event. Keeping your show stall clean is just as important as keeping your horse clean. Make your show stall comfortable and safe to avoid excitement and nervousness.

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Supply List:

    • Clean shavings
    • Water buckets
    • Feeder bucket
    • Bucket straps
    • Manure fork
    • Muck bucket
    • Stall card holder

Before unloading your horse, check the stall for exposed nails, splinters and other safety hazards. After a quick stall check, spread fresh shavings on the floor evenly and make sure to smooth over any uneven patches or dirt spots. Next, fill up your water buckets at the closest water source and use your bucket straps to secure them in the stall. Fill up your feeder bucket and secure it in the stall with another bucket strap. Place your muck bucket and stall fork outside the stable door for easy access when it is needed.

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Once you have prepared your show stall and unloaded your horse, maintain a comfortable atmosphere in and around the stall during your stay. Check on your horse frequently to make sure he is safe, content and relaxed. Lastly, do not forget to place your stall card, which contains your contact information in case of an emergency, in the stall card holder and place it on the front of your stall.

Now, you and your horse are set to have a successful, non-stressful and safe experience at the show!

Stall safety tips provided by Tractor Supply Co.

Whether you're stalling an MVH contender or simply taking care of your best trail-riding buddy, AQHA's "Fundamentals of Horsemanship" can help you improve your horsemanship.

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