Get Paid for Showing Your Horse!

AQHA's Incentive Fund pays out millions of dollars to stallion nominators, foal nominators and owners of competing horses enrolled in the program.

Are you in on the money-making action?

Learn more about the AQHA Incentive Fund, and get involved today.

The AQHA Incentive Fund pays you to show your American Quarter Horse. All you have to do is enroll your horse in the program. The Incentive Fund pays stallion nominators, foal nominators and owners of competing horses, based on points earned at AQHA-approved shows.

AQHA is here to help you get involved. Click here to learn more about this exciting program. And contact AQHA Customer Service if you have any questions.

By the Numbers

Check out the figures for Candy Bava of Modesto, California, and her stallion, A Special Assignment.

A Special Assignment, "Tucker," 1992 chestnut stallion

    • Nominated as a foal for $100 then earned $5,300 showing
    • Foals earned: $14,341

Plus, Candy earns higher breeding fee income than non-Incentive Fund-enrolled stallions.

"The Incentive Fund makes horses more valuable for breeding and resale," Candy said. "It's an established program that's trustworthy. It helps pay for entry fees and gas to get to the shows. This program works!"

Learn how you can earn money doing what you love: showing and breeding American Quarter Horses. Get involved in the AQHA Incentive Fund today.

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