Horse Blanket Tips

As winter approaches, be prepared to keep your horse cozy.

From Weatherbeeta

If your horse is snuggling into a blanket this winter, make sure it fits him properly.

Here are some tips:

    • The blanket should be snug around the neck, with the spine of the blanket ending at the top of the tail.
    • Surcingles should be adjusted so that you can barely get your hand sideways (about 4 inches) between the horse and the surcingle. Adjust leg straps the same way. You want them loose enough so the horse can walk and move comfortably, but not so loose that he could get a hoof caught.
    • Crossing the leg straps at the center (between the horse's back legs) helps reduce the chance of a hoof getting caught. Always snap to the same side of the blanket as the strap originates.
    • To measure for a new blanket, start at the center of his chest, along his side, ending in the middle of his tail. If the measurement you get is an odd number, 77 for example, round it up to the next number.

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Washing turnout rugs and blankets

Take your turnout rugs/blankets and stable rugs/blankets to a professional rug/blanket cleaning service that has the specialty equipment needed.

Hand-washing will, however, help to prolong the life of your rug/blanket.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Remove excess dirt.

2. Hand-wash at a cool temperature using a non-biological soap (washing in hot water can damage the waterproof nature of the fabric). 

3. Drip dry. Do not tumble dry. 

4. Always store in a cool, dry place.

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