Horse-Showing Goals for the New Year

We asked you to tell us your horse-showing goals for the new year. Here's what you had to say.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

The turn of the year means a new show season is approaching. While many see the New Year as a chance to start fresh, it can actually be an opportunity to continue growing and build off the hard work you put in last year.

Setting goals is a fantastic way to look ahead to the end of 2015 and envision where you would like to see yourself and your horse. Maybe you really

are starting fresh with a new horse and you want to move from training into the show ring. Or perhaps you’ve been riding the same horse for a decade and would like to try a new discipline of riding. In order to achieve our goals, it is important to build a foundation, track our progress and reward ourselves and our horses for how far we’ve come.

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Here’s what you had to say about your horse-showing goals. Follow the conversation and share your goals, milestone training moments and greatest achievements. Be sure to subscribe to AQHA’s channel on for helpful videos and the latest news from the American Quarter Horse industry.

Sheryl Kositzky: Try western dressage. It looks fun and challenging.

Laurel Leppke: Be a better horseman and learn skills to improve my relationship with my horse. Oh, and win win win!

Vicky Hapburn: To have my horse in great physical condition so he has the endurance needed to compete.

Taylor Lee-Ann Walters: To train hard and take my horses to Quarter Horse Congress.

Brenda Grubb: To do more ranch pleasure shows that we enjoy. And spend more time with my amazing Quarter Horse.

Victoria Snyder: To get back in the show ring!

Heather Smith: Compete in para-reining!

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