Increase Your Living-Quarters IQ

Make your horse-showing trailer a home away from home.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

Jennifer Horton and her husband, Bill, own and operate Bar H Photography. Between showing at horse shows and photographing horse shows, they spend an average of 100 nights a year in the second home they call the “Exiss Inn.”

Here are Jennifer’s 10 tips for a successful stay in your own trailer at your next horse show.

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  1. Wear plastic gloves when emptying the septic.
  2. Buy AQHA Corporate Partner USRider’s Roadside Assistance Plan. It works.
  3. Put child locks on your cupboard doors when traveling. Doors can come open and, just like in airplane overhead compartments, items can shift during travel.
  4. Buy a trailer that has space for at least one more horse than you plan to haul. You never have enough room for everything - grills, bikes, chairs, tables, that cool porch swing you bought at the trade show.
  5. Never say “I think I can make it” when you are debating whether or not you have enough clearance from the road to the bottom of your trailer (and the pipes). If in doubt, you don’t.
  6. Keep a checklist of your winterizing and dewinterizing process to make it seamless each season.
  7. Keep an extra winter coat and an umbrella in your closet year-round. You will need them both somewhere, sometime.
  8.  Knorks - plastic utensils that serve as a knife (not sharp) and a fork. Kind of like a spork (spoon/fork) but more like a fork.
  9. Swiffer Sweeper (breaks down to fit in a cupboard) and compact handheld vacuum.
  10. Keep a checklist of the things you need to do when packing up to leave - secure TV, secure bathroom door, refrigerator on LP, AC/furnace off, windows and vents closed, blinds up.

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With these tips, you are sure to have a more enjoyable trip in your own live-in trailer. Using Jennifer’s suggestions, you can spend less time worrying about how to be prepared when it comes to your living quarters and enjoy more time in the show ring.