Introducing Team Wrangler

Some of the industry’s finest AQHA Professional Horsemen make up the 2009 teams.

Compiled by Kristin Syverson

Watch highlights from the Team Wrangler Showdown at the 2008 World Show.

Have you ever met a Professional Horseman who liked to lose? We doubt it. That’s why Team Wrangler gives AQHA professionals a unique way of putting that competitive spirit to work.

Team Wrangler members duke it out with their peers for cash prizes and naming rights to a $20,000 Wrangler scholarship designated for American Quarter Horse Youth

Association members who are members of the Wrangler All-Star Team.

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Team Wrangler is a competition featuring members of the American Quarter Horse Association of Professional Horsemen. Members of Team Wrangler hail from both racing and show disciplines within the American Quarter Horse industry.

Teams consist of members divided into three teams: Team Cowboy Cut, Team Riata and Team Twenty X. The three 12-member teams compete for points between January 1 and October 31 of each year.

Selection is based on number of points earned for show industry professionals or money earned in racing competition for racing industry professionals in AQHA events during the previous competition year.

To be eligible for Team Wrangler, you must be a current member in good standing of the AQHA Professional Horsemen Association. Additionally, AQHA cannot have received any written complaints against you within the previous two years.  Team members are subject to final approval by the AQHA Professional Horsemen Council.

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Competition categories include halter, western pleasure, speed events, over fences, rail classes, and cattle/race trainers/jockeys/cutting.

2009 Team Wrangler Members

Team Cowboy Cut                     Team Riata                                  Team 20x
Captain G.R. Carter Jr.                 CaptainJack Brizendine                 Captain Traci Johnting
Chris Arentsen                             Ted Turner                                     Leslie Lange
Vicky Holt                                    Charlie Cole                                  Shelly Fitzgerald
Doug Leasor                                 Jason Martin                                 Alfred Hewitt
Linda Crothers                              Charles Peoples                            Jerry Erickson
Stacy Charette-Hill                        Chuck Briggs                                Heidi Piper
Joni Nelson                                   Mitch Lecky                                  J.D. Yates
Kimberly Reynolds                        Bobby Lewis                                 Doug Williamson
Mark Wray                                    Bozo Rogers                                Gilbert Ortiz
Steve Orth                                     Cody Jensen                                Mike Joiner
Teddy Johnson                              John Buchanan                             Jamie Gomez
Wesley Giles                                 Paul Jones                                   Randy Jacobs

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