Parents of Horse-Crazy Kids, Unite!

Take Me Riding offers games, information, videos and more to entertain and educate the horse-crazy child in your life.

Do you know a horse-crazy child? One who can’t stop talking about horses or is always playing horse show with their Breyer models? How about the one who pretends their dog is a horse and “rides” it?

If this sounds familiar, Take Me Riding is the perfect place to find all you need to entertain and educate your young horse-lover!

Take Me Riding is a website developed to educate children about the wonderful learning experiences and fantastic opportunities that are available through horseback riding. The easy-to-navigate site is filled with educational horse facts, resources for parents and teachers, and fun games and videos - all designed to encourage kids to go riding!

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Take Me Riding offers a wealth of information about horses. Whether you’re looking for information on different breeds of horses, the history of horses or what classes children can compete in at shows, this website has it all. You can even find horse-related events near you!

For teachers or anyone else looking to educate kids about horses, Take Me Riding also offers lesson plans. These free plans cover topics such as horse history, facial markings, feeding a horse and more! There’s no easier way to make learning about horses fun and exciting than through these lesson plans.

Geo-Location Map
The geo-location map can help parents find trainers, locations, events and riding centers near them. By simply entering in your ZIP code, the map displays everything horse-related near you. Find out where you and your horse-crazy child can go!

Before calling a riding instructor you find on the map, be sure to read over Take Me Riding’s suggested questions to ask. These will ensure that you find the right instructor for your child and are prepared for the first lesson.

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Games and Videos
What child doesn’t love a computer game? Take Me Riding has seven games for horse-crazy kids to enjoy! The Oops! Finder game teaches kids what belongs and what doesn’t belong in a barn. Learn what the different parts of a horse are called with Parts Apart or how horses get their names with The Name Game. All the games are free and fun for everyone!

After you’ve played your heart out, tag along with Anna, Jack and Grace - the stars of Take Me Riding’s video series! Anna is an 11-year-old from Maryland who is new to riding horses. Jack is a 10-year-old from Wyoming who loves cheeseburgers, hates vegetables and is always trying new types of riding. Grace is an 11-year-old from Pennsylvania who loves to show her Quarter Horse, Diamond. Follow along on all their adventures at Take Me Riding!