Preparing for Your First Horse Show

A youth's first horse-showing experience can be fun, exciting and nerve-wracking. Take Me Riding walks kids through the big day.

Showing horses opens up an entirely new world of learning opportunities for horse- crazy kids. It provides children with a chance to strengthen the bond with their horse, perform in front of an audience and learn the importance of sportsmanship.

Take Me Riding is a website developed to educate children about the wonderful learning experiences and fantastic opportunities that are

available through horseback riding. The easy- to- navigate site is filled with educational horse facts, resources for parents and teachers, and fun games and videos - all designed to encourage kids to go riding!

If you’ve never been to a horse show before, it can seem overwhelming to perform in front of a group of people. AQHA’s Beginners Guide to Showing report will teach you what you need to know before setting foot in the show ring.

The site offers videos about Anna, Jack and Grace - three different children at varying stages of horse knowledge. Each series has nine videos covering different components of horse knowledge and skills.

Anna is a beginner who loves everything horse-related. She attends her very first riding lesson where she learns how to approach, brush and ride a horse.

Jack is a young cowboy who lives on his family’s ranch. He learns about horse care as he battles his “evil” chore list in a quest to ride his favorite horse, Bolt.

Grace is headed off to her first horse show with her beloved Quarter Horse, Diamond. The pair encounters more than one obstacle before they enter the arena, including a missing trainer, a lost good-luck charm and show-day nerves.

From the time your horse steps into the trailer to the moment you accept your first ribbon, a lot of different aspects go into showing horses. Going to a show unprepared can be frightening, but there’s no need to be nervous! AQHA has your back with the Beginners Guide to Showing report.

In a nutshell, Grace has everything ready to go for her horse show. The trailer is packed, Diamond is loaded, and mom and dad are in the front seat of the pickup truck. But when Grace arrives, she realizes her lucky rabbit’s foot is nowhere to be found! To make matters worse, Grace’s trainer, Ellie, cannot not attend the show. Throughout the day, Grace learns the importance of visualizing her plan and communicating with Diamond in order to have successful rides at the show.

Grace presents horse showing in a fun and approachable way, bringing humor to stressful situations. Her blog reflections provide educational and light-hearted advice that kids can learn from before they go to their own first show.

If you have horse- crazy kids in your life, be sure to share Take Me Riding with them today!