Ranching Heritage Challenge

AQHA honors the ranch-bred horse during the Ranching Heritage Challenge this month in Rapid City.

The AQHA Ranching Council recently developed the AQHA Ranching Heritage Program. Designed to recognize ranches with a strong heritage of producing quality American Quarter Horses, the program consists of three segments: the AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders Program, the AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge and the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program.

    • Ranching Heritage Breeders consist of ranchers who have received at least a 10-year breeder award from AQHA and whose remudas are primarily used to work ranch cattle

    • The Ranching Heritage Challenge spotlights horses bred by Ranching Heritage Breeders by allowing them entry into a series of exclusive, regional competitions. The inaugural Ranching Heritage Challenge was held in January at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo in Fort Worth, Texas

    • The Young Horse Development Program offers AQHYA members the opportunity to obtain a ranch-bred foal and develop it for a yearling in-hand class and then a 2-year-old ranch pleasure competition.

Entry forms for the second AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge are available online. The AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge is August 30 at the Kjerstad Event Center in Rapid City, South Dakota. Entry fees are $285, including office and cattle charges and a $50 stall fee for the entire event; the deadline to enter is August 15.

Exhibitors will compete for their share of $15,500 added in purse money. The open and non-pro will split $10,000 of the purse, and an extra $3,500 will be added to the limited open class, courtesy of Open Box Rafter Ranch.

Read about event details and a list of frequently asked questions as well as additional rules about the Ranching Heritage Challenge.

The Incentive Fund utilizes the most familiar and proven concept in the American Quarter Horse show industry: points won at AQHA shows. Each point earned at an AQHA-approved show in the open and/or amateur division by an Incentive Fund-nominated horse will be worth a specific monetary amount. For more information, read about AQHA's Incentive Fund Program.