Three Steps to Perfect Helmet Fit

Important advice from helmet manufacturer Troxel.

Determine which Troxel helmet is right for your riding discipline or style preference.

First, decide in what discipline or disciplines you will be participating.

Do you need a specific style, such as dressage or western? Or do you need a helmet that can cross-over multiple disciplines?

Consider a second, performance type helmet, to preserve a show helmet and provide greater all-day comfort.

Second, determine where you will be riding.

Troxel offers both active vented helmets and passive vented helmets. Active venting will provide greater all-day comfort in warmer climates.

Third, choose the proper fit.

Fit should ultimately be the deciding factor in helmet selection. After you have narrowed your choices in the first two steps, your local dealer can help you select the best fitting helmet.

Please keep in mind that these should be considered guidelines only. Your local dealer is always your best source of information.

Check out Troxel’s interactive Helmet Advisor to find the helmet that’s right for you.