Western Styles of the 1990s

Horse show fashions come and go, but it's still the little things that count.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

Editor's Note: Check out this fashion-minded blast from the past! This piece and its accompanying photos originally ran in the September 1990 issue ofThe American Quarter Horse Journal. Once you're done admiring the western chic styles of the 1990s, head on over to Quarter Horse Outfitters and feast your eyes on the styles of 2012!

We’re finally into the '90s, and the western styles are pretty, practical, sporty and flattering. And, what’s great about the new eye-catching fall fashions is that they fit perfectly well into both city and country lifestyles. Outfits are interchangeable – especially those for women. They can be accessorized with sophisticated or fun-loving bolos and button covers, a variety of colored boots and western belts, or given a completely different look with high heels and elegant jewelry.

However, the western classics are still on the racks – fringed jackets, Indian-beaded belts and jewel-toned suede dresses. For men, pleated slacks and jeans remain in the wardrobe, as well as a white, pinpoint, buttondown shirt and a navy or gray conservative wool suit. But the most complimentary men’s look nowadays is the appealing wool short jackets and the Spanish lamb bomber jackets.

Retail stores are parading out western clothes that are undeniably wearable. The merchandise tempts all tastes and feels as great as it looks. There are lots of Indian blanket fabric coats and vests, bright sweaters, practical all-around split riding skirts, pastel-colored jeans, comfortable jumpsuits, soft leather skirts and low-top, laced boots.

Distinctive detailing is quite evident in most of the merchandise. It’s the little things that count – the intricate stitching, silver concho buttons and fine workmanship.

This season, color is the most important message, but there is no one particular color that’s popular. The interest, however, is in dazzling color and fabric pairings. The trend is combining tailored and casual ensembles, and bold primary colors with subtle earth tones and neutrals. Fall colors are all over the rainbow, but the newest happen to be dreamy purples, pleasing blue-greens, teals and turquoises and taxi yellow. The faddish fluorescents have stayed on the baseball caps, T-shirts and sports clothes, and have not, and probably will not, venture into the lines of high-quality western wear.

Designers are showcasing a new decade of updated western styles. There is something for every occasion – and every pocketbook.

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