A Judge’s Perspective: 2017 AQHA Senior Cutting

Get a horse-showing inside look at what it took to win senior cutting at the 2017 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show.

It takes two to dance, and we saw it best in our senior cutting finals at the 2017 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show. We sat down with AQHA Judge Andy Adams, who talks through this run put forth by Kobie Wood aboard Donas Suen Boon, the 2017 AQHA senior cutting world champions.

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Andy starts out complimenting the mare as she begins to enter the herd quietly and on a nice loose rein. Andy notes:

  • She guided very easily through the herd.They don’t waste much time stepping up through the herd and cutting a cow.

  • This cow is pretty challenging right off the bat, and this mare holds the cow in the middle of the pen while being very accurate on the cow.

  • There is a little bit of an eye appeal issue, which will hurt their score a little.

  • Donas Suen Boon controls the first cow from the outside and works it down to where she has the cow in the middle of the pen. All in all, a really nice start to the run.

Again, Kobie and Donas Suen Boon enter the the herd quietly, not disturbing the herd to cut the cow. That is what judges like to see, Andy notes.

For the second cow, Andy comments:

  • Now this cow is a little tough. The cow wants to stay away from this horse, and that is not easy to handle.

  • This mare reads the cow really well.

  • The horse doesn’t quit the cow. She stays hooked and keeps on working this cow; that is  a lot of courage and high degree of difficulty.

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Kobie quits the second cow, then steps right up and cuts the third cow.

With 20 seconds left, he throws his hand down. Andy says:

  • These are all credit-earning situations. They continue to control the cow from the outside: the mare breaks the cow down, ending up in the middle of the pen, controlling that cow.

  • Really a nice run.