A Judge's Perspective: Youth Cutting

AQHA Judges Bill Enk and Todd Williamson dissect the 2016 AQHYA cutting world championship pattern.

Mattie Dukes and One Time Player, a 2009 sorrel gelding by One Time Pepto out of My Jewels Missin, came out on top at the 2016 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show in cutting.

When asked about her winning run in her world champion interview, Mattie said, “I just wanted to go in and have clean cuts, and I did. I just left it up to my horse to make it look fancy, and he did that.”

Like any world champion, Mattie had a team of support in her corner in and out of the 2016 Ford Youth World. She attributed her world champion win to God, her mentor Lindy Burch, former owner Craig Thompson, her coaches and help at the show including, AQHA Team Wrangler member Todd Crawford, and of course her family and friends.

In the video above, AQHA judges Bill Enk and Todd Williamson, who judged the finals at the 2016 Ford Youth World, dissect Mattie’s winning run. Watch Mattie’s run and read why the AQHA judges found this go worthy of a gold trophy.

Important Objectives

“What we’re looking at here is a horse with some look, some form, control, a horse that works through the middle third of the arena, how the horse cuts the cow - those are all important - and of course, the degree of difficulty," Bill said.

First Cut

“She satisfies the deep cut rule already, and she cuts the cow she wants. To me, it’s a credit-earning cut," Bill said.

“He’s accurate on this cow. He’s what I call synced up. Got a lot of look," Bill said.

“There’s some degree of difficulty there, and this horse handles it very well," Bill said.

“I’m sitting at a 74 on this first cow. We’ve got a run here where she has got enough credit to be on a the real positive side," Bill said.

Second Cut

“She’s behind the whole herd (and satisfies the deep cut rule)," Bill said.

“She’s got a cow in mind," Todd said.

“The one she wants (is paired up with another cow)," Bill said.

“(This cut) is not a fault of hers, but it is not a credit-earning cut either, it’s just a cut," Todd said.

“Here we go again. The horse is accurate, working in the middle of the pen, lots of look and eye appeal. The horse keeps his form and he’s really sitting (down)," Todd said.

“I’m a real strong 4, maybe a 5 on that cow," Bill said.

Third Cut

“She shows a lot of courage, chips her last cow, drops her hand and finishes strong," Todd said.

"Good, strong finishes are very important, and she has that," Bill said.

“Penalty free, lots of look, lots of difficulty, credit cut on the first cow, courage on the last cow. I mark her at a 75. A very good run," Bill said.