Horse Clipping Tips: Barber Basics

Learn how to get the most from your horse clippers with these easy tips.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

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Here are some great tips to help you polish off your horse and achieve a show-stopping performance.

Tip 1: Remove the Icky Stuff

  • Remove blades from the clipper housing following the manufacturer's directions.
  • Use compressed air or an old toothbrush to gently remove dirt particles and hair from the clipper blades.

Tip 2: Use a Blade Wash

  • Re-attach blades to clipper housing.
  • Clean blades are vital if you want to get the most out of your clipping job.

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  • Pour a small amount of blade wash into a jar lid or flat, shallow dish.
  • Dip blades into blade wash and run the clippers, with blades immersed in blade wash, for about one minute.
  • Do not allow blade wash to seep down into the clipper motor area.

Tip 3: Critical Clipper Oil

  • Oil clipper blades regularly during use, particularly after running the blades through blade wash.
  • Oils made specifically for clippers are the best choice.
  • After each use, detach blades, clean thoroughly, then rub with clipper oil.

Tip 4: Use Cooling Sprays

  • As clippers become warm after several minutes’ use, keep the motor running and hold blades away from you (tips of blades facing down).
  • Spray a liberal amount of cooling spray around entire blade area.
  • Turn clippers off and wipe away excess cooling spray. If clippers feel hot, do not turn them back on for several minutes.

Tip 5: Blade Storage

  • Store blades in a container that protects the blade teeth to extend blade life.
  • Blades can be removed from the clippers and stored in containers of blade wash.

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Tip 6: Sharpen Dull Blades

  • The first sharpening takes 3/1000 off, but if blades are pitted, 9/1000 is removed.
  • Titanium blades cannot be sharpened as often as steel.

Tip 7: Recondition When Needed

  • Send clippers for reconditioning if they give you trouble despite regular care.
  • Reconditioning runs about $20 plus parts.