A Judge's Perspective: Select Hunter Hack

Horse Showing: AQHA Judge Carla Wennberg explains a winning hunter hack performance.

With the end of the year approaching, we wanted to look back on one of the great runs put forth at our 2017 AQHA Select World Championship Show, presented by Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan). Dissecting the world champion run in hunter hack is AQHA Judge and Professional Horsewoman Carla Wennberg. In the irons for the winning run is Pam Stubbs aboard A Classic Iron.

Carla starts the video describing the horse as relaxed and forward.

In this particular pattern, riders have to option to walk or trot in and start cantering. This rider chose to walk.

In any over-fences class, you expect the horse to develop the rhythm, stay in that rhythm and jump the jumps in that rhythm, Carla notes.

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The horse has a beautiful expression and a steady beautiful rhythm.

This horse comes to his first fence in a great rhythm and balance, Carla explains. He slows down a little, approaches the base and jumps the jump well.

A Classic Iron stays in the same rhythm and maintains balance and the correct lead coming around the bend.

As he goes to the next line of fences, he stays the same, jumps the jump, and puts in the correct number of strides between the fences.

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A Classic Iron jumps the next fence, keeps everything in balance, and Carla loves the rhythm.

The horse searched for the fences, jumped correctly, and Carla loved the horse and everything about his manners.

At the end, A Classic Iron correctly comes down the long side to a nice quiet halt. All in all, a beautiful run.




(Score Sheet for AQHA Judge Carla Wennberg.)