10 Training Tips

Make the start of working with your young horses a successful one with these valuable tips from an experienced trainer.

Are you in search of some pointers to help you start working with your young horses?

Below are some horse training tips from AQHA Educational Marketing Alliance Partner Country Living Association.

  • Wear a helmet; your safety is most important!
  • Teach your young horse to go, whoa, back and plow rein before mounting.
  • You can't begin working with a horse too early in life, but be sensitive.
  • Several short learning sessions each day are better than one long session.

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  • Lavish praise speeds up the learning process by 60 percent.
  • Always end each session on a good note, even if it means doing something very simple. It's a win-win situation for you and the horse.
  • Leaning over a horse from a fence or hay bale will prepare that horse for seeing you overhead, and then in the saddle, which can be a shock.
  • Pay close attention to your horse's diet.
  • Teach your horses to lead properly.
  • Learn the proper way to reprimand your horse, if necessary. Beginning with a "shhhhh" noise lets the horse know he is getting out of bounds.

Working with young horses requires its own set of rules. Their youth and inexperience needs attention and special instruction.

Contributed to CLA by Frank Bell

Most importantly, seek the advice of a qualified horse trainer through AQHA’s Professional Horsemen program or the Certified Horsemanship Association.