History and Fitting of Cowboy Boots

Horse training starts from the ground up. Make sure your boots fit correctly before training your horses with these tips from Justin Boots.

From AQHA Corporate Partner Justin Boots

Cowboy boots have adapted and kept up with ever-changing fads and trends, while continuing to provide the same traditional function they did more than a century ago for cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers and farmers.

Whether you’re wearing your Justin Boots around the ranch, riding, or out for a night on the town, there is a style for everyone.

Justin Boots accommodates the wearer’s needs by offering features to fit each boot’s function – including various heel sizes, leathers, and industry-leading comfort technologies for different occasions.

Since the establishment of Justin Boots by H.J. Justin in 1879, the brand has pioneered the modern cowboy boot. Today, Justin Boots remains committed to its roots of handcrafting authentic boots in the USA. Justin Boots are each built by skilled craftsmen, creating each boot from the finest leathers and materials for supreme quality and character. The boot makers at Justin Boots are dedicated to making sure the boots are not only great looking, but comfortable and fit properly.

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The Justin brand and the AQHA have a long-standing history of shared values and rich heritage. The AQHA Lifestyle Collection by Justin Boots is just part of Justin Boots’ commitment to Western values. The Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle collection, launched in 2007, is designed specifically for the equine lover. It includes technology for long-lasting comfort in tough working and riding conditions, durability to stand years of wear, with a fashionable finish. Justin Boots designed the AQHA Lifestyle collection with you in mind, so you can be assured they are handcrafted to perfection.

Justin Boots has four American factories, where many hours of labor and more than 100 steps go into making each pair. While modern technology is utilized to enhance efficiency during the process, each pair is touched by dozens of pairs of hands – ensuring that each boot is flawless and sturdy.

When buying a boot, there are a number of different features to keep in mind. First and foremost is comfort, and whether a boot fits your foot properly.

There are many factors that can affect how a boot fits your foot. Having a proper fitting shoe is more than just ensuring you have the correct size, it’s also important to check the width of the boot. All Justin Boot styles are available in a variety of widths to fit everything from a narrow to a wide foot, looking for a snug, but not restricting fit.

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The entire Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle Collection, which includes both the Remuda and Q-Crepe Series, is handcrafted in the USA with leather outsoles, double stitched welts, and feature the J-Flex Comfort System, providing all day comfort – on and off the horse.

Once you find a boot that fits your foot width comfortably, consider performance features that align with your needs. The Justin AQHA Lifestyle Collection features Grip-on-Demand technology for added resilience and more control – so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for performance. The Q-Crepe Series from the AQHA Lifestyle Collection is engineered with a thinner crepe outsole for optimal functionality.

The Justin Boots AQHA Lifestyle collection continues to grow and evolve with the equine consumer to meet their needs. Shop the entire men’s collection and women’s collection or check out all Justin Boots has to offer at