Horse-safety Videos on YouTube

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Julie Goodnight teams with the Certified Horsemanship Association to bring horse-safety videos to YouTube.

Do you know how to dismount in an emergency? How about the safest way to stop a runaway horse? Anything can happen when riding a horse, but few riders are prepared for emergency situations.

There are ways to prepare for the unexpected. AQHA Professional Horsewoman Julie Goodnight of Salida, Colorado, teamed with the Certified Horsemanship Association to bring you three horse-safety YouTube videos:

•    Emergency dismounts
•    Emergency stop a horse: pulley rein
•    Danger zones around horses

In the emergency dismount, a rider could easily get caught in the stirrups or on the western saddle horn, or accidentally drag the horse down while hanging onto the reins. In a correct emergency dismount, the rider’s first move is to kick both feet out of the stirrups. Then she should place hands on the saddle’s pommel, protecting her stomach from the horn. The rider then kicks her feet over the cantle of the saddle, facing forward as she lands and ready to move away from the horse.

Is your horse "bomb-proof"? In AQHA's Training Your Horse For a Better Relationship With Curt Pate, AQHA Professional Horseman Curt Pate outlines his top-10 horse training tips, including: spook-proofing, catching a horse, calming a nervous horse, proper flexion, ground work, appropriate tack and much more.

If a horse spooks or bolts unexpectedly, he can be stopped using the pulley rein. The pulley rein is applied by shortening one side and bracing it against the horse’s neck, while pulling the other rein up and back and sitting deep in the saddle.

When on the ground, be prepared for the unexpected by knowing the horse’s danger zones. Although horses are flight animals, they may still bite, strike or kick when feeling threatened. In this video, Julie reminds us how flexible horses can be when kicking and the behavioral precursors to biting.

Don’t wait for an accident to watch these videos. Stay safe by practicing the emergency dismount and pulley rein exercises in a safe environment at the walk and trot – before the unanticipated happens.

These videos are also great to share with friends or your 4-H group. Check them out today!

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