One Essential Tool

AQHA Professional Horsemen reveal the one training tool they can't live without.

From The American Quarter Horse Journal

There are many tools used when training a horse, but there is always one that a trainer can’t live without. The Journal recently asked three AQHA Professional Horsemen what is their most essential training item.

Chuck Briggs
Azle, Texas
“A longe line. It’s for safety. If they’re fresh, you’ve got to longe them before someone can ride them.”

Nancy Cahill
Madisonville, Texas
“Big machinery tires. I know that sounds weird, but I use them to tie my horses to. The tires are big and heavy, weighing about 600 to 700 pounds. I drill a hole in the tire so you can tie the lead rope into it. The horses can’t move them easily, but the tires will move if the horse sits back. It’s not like tying them hard and fast to a fence or post.


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The tires will give a lot, and it won’t pull the horse’s neck down either. You can take just about any horse that thinks he wants to prance around, tie him to it like you would to anything else – short enough to where he can’t get his feet over it. Sometimes we’ll take a big muck bucket, fill it with water and sit it in the middle, too, so the horse can have water. You can then leave them as long as you think is wise. It’s a patience builder and teaches them to be still and be quiet.

Plus, they get to see our circus going on out there. Instead of being in a stall where the horse doesn’t see anything, he will then have planes fly over him, dogs run under him and cattle run by. It really, really helps. Plus, the shops that have used tires will usually give them away because it costs them about $100 to dispose of them.”

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Lainie DeBoer
Forest Lake, Minnesota
“My hard hat is essential to me. I never get on a horse without it. I have two little girls, and I don’t want anything to happen to me and have to leave those girls behind. So I never get on a horse without it. I make sure my hard hat is approved and that it’s tight enough on my head to where it I fell off, it wouldn’t go over my eyes.”

What are some of your favorite training tools?