Quick Tips From QuarterFest

Check out these smart tips from the 2009 QuarterFest, and rev up for the 2010 event.

From Julie Goodnight, AQHA Professional Horsewoman and Certified Horsemanship Association spokeswoman:

    • To keep your horse focused on you, issue frequent directives: stop, walk, change direction, stop, back up. Performing small figure 8s and flexing your horse’s head from side to side are other good ways of getting his attention back on you.
    • On upper body alignment: Make sure your neck is touching the back of your collar and your nose is behind your belt buckle.
    • Do your hands move when you post? That common equitation flaw comes from tense shoulders.

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From Bo Winslow, horse camping expert, CHA past president and AQHA life member:

    • When going on a pack trip where you’ll want to carefully start a campfire, plan on bringing a plastic zipper bag full of cotton balls that have been coated with petroleum jelly. These are your fire starters. Even if they happen to get wet, the petroleum jelly will keep moisture from soaking in the cotton. Pull off a few fibers and they will easily ignite. Want to recycle? Dryer lint in petroleum jelly works just as well.

From the U.S. Forest Service:

    • Call before you haul. If you’re riding on public lands, check in with the district office to make sure no trails have been closed due to weather or wildlife activity.

From Annie Bianco-Ellett, Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association world champion:

    • The No. 1 thing you need in cowboy mounted shooting is a good Quarter Horse. The breed excels in this sport because of the Quarter Horse’s good mind.

Tips from AQHA’s Stewards for Trails, Education and Partnerships, sponsored by Tractor Supply Co.:

    • RoundUp vs. GroundWork - GroundWork Weed & Grass Killer contains the same active ingredient as RoundUp. It is 25 percent glyphosate, compared to RoundUp Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate, which has 18 percent glyphosate.
    • Safely operate/start chainsaw - Always use both hands when starting a chainsaw, one to hold the saw, and the other to pull the starter rope. Always start it on the ground or on a stable surface. When you're using a chainsaw, make sure to wear protective clothing - safety goggles, gloves and ear protection.

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