Western Pleasure World Champion

A look back at one of last year's winners at the AQHA World Championship Show.

As we enjoy the excitement of the 2008 AQHA World Championship Show November 8-22 in Oklahoma City, let's look back at the story of one of last year's world champions.

Majestic Scotch added to his legacy with a world championship in senior western pleasure at the 2007 World Show.

With Charlie Cole piloting, the 1994 sorrel gelding walked, jogged and loped his way around the Coliseum in Oklahoma City for the second consecutive win in senior pleasure.

"He is a great horse," Charlie said, "He's just so nicely talented, and really when I ride him, I'm just trying to let him do what he does best and stay out of his way. It's a lot of fun."

After Charlie and "Dickie" made their victory lap, tossing signed T-shirts to the crowd, Charlie asked the horse to perform his signature loping lead changes back to the awards table.

"He loves what he does, and I just sit up here and basically let him do his thing," Charlie said as he accepted the golden trophy on behalf of the Bilek Family Trust. "It's all natural, and it's really easy. I hate to say it - I wish I had to say I work hard, but it's pretty easy."

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Dickie is an all-around horse with World Show and Ford AQHYA World Championship Show appearances in everything from trail to showmanship. He has three world championships in senior western pleasure to go with his 2005 world championship in senior western riding and his four Youth World championships.

Watch for Dickie again this year in senior western pleasure, November 18, navigated by Jason Martin. He goes up against 42 other qualified horses for a $23,390 purse.

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