AQHA Facts

These AQHA facts and statistics give you a detailed glimpse inside your Association.

2024 AQHA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                       

President – James "Jim" Hunt of Faith, South Dakota

First Vice President – Jeff Tebow, Piedmont, Oklahoma 

Second Vice President – Jim Brinkman, Ericson, Nebraska

Member – Lori Bucholz, Waterloo, Nebraska

Member – Ross Roark, Andrews, Texas



  • Established March 1940 – Fort Worth

  • AQHA International Headquarters – Amarillo


  • 2023 AQHA Membership – 232,162

  • 2023 American Quarter Horse Youth Association Membership – 16,813

Transfers & Registration

  • Horses registered by AQHA since 1940 – more than 7 million worldwide

  • 2023 Registrations – 86,762

  • 2023 Horse Transfers of Ownership – 114,143


Horseback Riding Program – members log hours spent horseback and earn various awards.

American Quarter Horse Division:

  • 2023 Enrollment – 7,687

  • 2023 Awards Presented – 1,132

  • Total Hours Ridden – 284,092

All-Breeds Division:

  • 2023 Enrollment – 1,045

  • 2023 Awards Presented – 326

  • Total Hours Ridden – 29,041

AQHA Professional Horsemen – A group of dedicated equine professionals that support AQHA members by providing training assistance and other professional services in a variety of areas. They uphold a high standard of horsemanship, character and integrity. AQHA Professionals were represented in 20 countries, six continents, all 50 states and four Canadian provinces.

  • Total number of members in 2023– 618
  • Number of domestic Professional Horsemen and -women in 2023– 550
  • Number of international Professional Horsemen and -women in 2023– 68

AQHA Judges – are held to the highest quality of standards and help improve the quality of welfare of registered American Quarter Horses in AQHA-approved competition.

  • Total number of AQHA judges in 2023– 1,087

  • Number of domestic judges in 2023– 960

  • Number of international judges in 2023– 127


Shows – represent a major segment of the equine industry. American Quarter Horse shows offer youth, amateur, Select amateur and open classes for horsemen and -women the opportunity to compete with their American Quarter Horses, testing their skills against other horses and riders for AQHA halter and performance points, as well as cash awards and prizes.

  • 2023 Total Shows – 1,923
  • 2023 U.S. Shows – 1,682
  • 2023 International Shows – 241
  • 2023 Total Show Entries – 828,560
  • 2023 Total Special Events – 248
  • 2023 Total Special-Event entries – 15,775
  • 2023 Nutrena AQHA and Adequan® Select World Championship Shows entries – 7,828
  • 2023 AQHYA World Championship Show entries – 4,958
  • 2023 Nutrena AQHA East Level 1 Championships entries  – 5,201
  • 2023 Nutrena AQHA West Level 1 Championships entries  – 2,222
  • 2023 AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships Entries – 3,192
  • 2023 AQHA Cattle Level 1 Championships, presented by the Four Sixes Ranch, entries – 359
  • 2023 National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance Championship Show – 686
  • 2023 AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Championships entries – 80


Ranching Heritage Programs – Promoting the ranch horse is the goal of the AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders program. Ranching Heritage Breeders are those who breed and raise the ranch-type horse, which still remains at the core of AQHA and epitomizes the breed’s versatility. Ranching Heritage Breeders embody the longevity, integrity and honesty of the ranching tradition.

  • 2023 Ranching Heritage Challenge Total Entries – 954

  • 2023 Total Ranching Heritage Breeders – 454

  • 2023 Total Ranching Heritage Challenge-Eligible Horses – 195,022


Races – developed from the village lanes of colonial America, American Quarter Horse racing brings the thrill and excitement of closely competing American Quarter Horses racing at peak speeds near 55 miles per hour. The Bank of America Racing Challenge Program provides more opportunities for American Quarter Horses to continue their racing careers.

  • 2023 Total Starters in American Quarter Horse Races – 11,540
  • Average Purse Per Race – $23,044
  • Average Earnings Per Starter – $12,790
  • Total Purses – $147,598,602
  • 2023 Bank of America Racing Challenge Enrollments – 2,466
  • Total Challenge Purses – $3,491,484
  • Nominator Awards – $104,834

International – serves and supports international members and affiliate organizations through a variety of programs and services. These efforts are designed to meet diverse needs and enhance the value of maintaining AQHA membership globally. In 2023, AQHA International achieved the following milestones:

  • Translation of Key Resources – translated essential resources into the five core languages – French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • Quality Samples Program – Successfully completed the Quality Samples Program in four countries: Slovenia, Spain, Denmark and Uruguay. This program involves the purchase of U. S. stallion semen to directly increase the number of registered Quarter Horses in these countries.

  • On-Site Service Booths – Held valuable booths at major events in: Calgary, Alberta; Chihuahua, Mexico; Friedrichshafen, Germany; Kronenberg, Netherlands; Verona, Italy

  • Educational Marketplace Clinics – Sponsored 24 hands-on clinics in various countries, tailored for their respective members.

  • Support for European Show Advancement – Facilitated a European show seminar for AQHA show managers and judges.

  • Hosted additional AQHA International events – Additional events were held in Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand

  • Sponsored 36 AQHA International Affiliates – Affiliates were empowered to host shows, races, auctions and other educational opportunities for their membership with the backing of AQHA.


American Quarter Horse Youth Association – designed for American Quarter Horse enthusiasts 18 years of age and younger, established on the premise of expanding youth participation with and knowledge of the American Quarter Horse. AQHYA currently has nearly 17,000 members.

  • Scholarships through the American Quarter Horse Foundation, AQHYA programs, youth contests and youth leadership recognition.

  • AQHYA Board of Directors is an elected board of youth leaders who represent and work on behalf of youth members from around the world.

  • AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program showcases the stock being bred and raised by AQHA Ranching Heritage members by matching donated weanlings with AQHYA members.

  • AQHA Youth Racing Experience gives youth a behind-the-scenes look at the fascinating world of American Quarter Horse racing, with the chance to earn scholarships.

  • Youth Excellence Seminar, where youth meet friends from around the world, join in fun workshops and social activities, and grow their leadership skills over three days each summer. AQHYA officers and directors are elected at this event each year.

  • AQHYA World Championship Show is the world’s largest single-breed world championship horse show for youth.

  • AQHYA World Championship Contests develop skills and knowledge, where youth compete for prizes and have fun during the AQHYA World.

  • Horse judging contests challenge youth and young adults to learn evaluation, critical thinking and public speaking along with industry knowledge.

  • AQHLearn, a free online educational platform helping youth learn about horses, funded through the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

  • AQHLead, a young-adult development program for the equine industry’s future leaders, funded through the American Quarter Horse Foundation.

  • AQHA Emerging Leader, a young-adult award, recognizing the accomplishments of the Association’s exceptional young-adult members.


AQHA PublicationsThe American Quarter Horse Journal, established in 1948, was redesigned in 2020 into a lifestyle publication that celebrates the American Quarter Horse and the lifestyle that AQHA’s members have built around their horses. The magazine, which is also now the official member publication of AQHA, goes to all member households eight times a year as a benefit of their membership in AQHA.

  • The Journal contains articles about craftsmen, people and horses in the American Quarter Horse industry, as well as features on ranches.

Quarter Racing Journal – established in January 1988, the Quarter Racing Journal is the official racing publication of the American Quarter Horse racing industry, printed in March and December and mailed to all racing-interested members.

Networks – AQHA keeps horse enthusiasts informed and educated through a variety of media platforms.

  • Q-Racing Video
  • E-newsletters
  • Facebook –
  • Instagram – @officialaqha, @officialaqhya
  • Pinterest
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  • TikTok - @officialaqha
  • Spotify- @ Let’s Talk AQHA
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** All numbers are as of 12/31/23.