2009 Stakes Winners

View stakes winners from the 2009 Quarter Horse racing season.


Date Race Track Winner Purse
29 Tallahassee Stakes Hialeah Park Jess Luci D $20,000
28 City of Hialeah Stakes Hialeah Park Wowzer Won $25,000
27 Flare For Toby Stakes Los Alamitos Merridoc Hawk $16,000
27 Sunland Park Winter Derby(G2) Sunland Park Time For ACigar $131,707
27 Sunland Park Winter Futurity (G2) SunlandPark Templar Knight $224,407
27 Hialeah Laddie Futurity HialeahPark Debs RQD $163,090
27 Hialeah Lassie Futurity HialeahPark Brimful $148,240
27 Hialeah Lassie Invitational Hialeah Park Cedar Creek $30,000
27 Hialeah Laddie Invitational HialeahPark Shakem Blue $30,000
26 Holiday Handicap Los Alamitos Sparky E Boy $20,000
26 The Championship at Sunland Park (G1) Sunland Park First Moonflash $350,000
21 Crystal River Stakes Hialeah Park Cash At The Line $30,000
20 Lou Wooten Handicap (RG2) Sunland Park Blazin N Shakin $125,000
20 Biscayne Stakes HialeahPark Kiss A Corona $22,500
19 Challenger Six Handicap Sunland Park Mr Frenchman $125,000
19 Hialeah Derby Hialeah Park Little Surfer $140,410
19 Hialeah Sophomre Invitational Hialeah Park Amalaya $30,000
15 Far West Futurity (R) Portland Meadows Cupids Dash $32,240
13 AQRA-Turf Paradise Open Futurity (G3) Turf Paradise FatherHawkinson $53,485
13 Southern California Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Hulapai $158,850
12 Champion of Champions (G1) Los Alamitos Freaky $750,000
12 Jess Burner Memorial Handicap (RG1) SunlandPark First Moonflash $125,000
12 The Signature Stakes Hialeah Park MBN Finest Hour $28,500
12 Louisiana ChampionsDay Derby (RG2) Fair Grounds Jes A Game $100,000
12 LouisianaChampions Day Juvenile (RG2) Fair Grounds Game Show Special $100,000
12 Louisiana Champions Day Classic (RG2) Fair Grounds Blue Louisiana Jolla $97,000
11 Los Alamitos Juvenile Invitational Los Alamitos DH - First Downs King
DH -Arctic Ocean
11 Los AlamitosTwo Million Futurity (G1) LosAlamitos Good Reason SA $1,916,000
6 Zia Park Road Runner Stakes Zia Park Ms Regard $40,300
6 Zia Park Championship (G1) Zia Park Little Bit Of Ah Ha $175,000
5 Evangeline Downs Derby Evangeline Downs Martini Mountain $49,500


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 Orange Blossom Stakes HialeahPark Vital Winner $30,000
29 Southwest Juvenile Championship(G1) Zia Park Runnning Brook Gal $305,000
29 Mockingbird Stakes HialeahPark Rockets SpecialDash $22,500
28 New Mexico Distaff Championship (RG2) Zia Park Blazin N Shakin $149,345
28 Las Damas Handicap Los Alamitos Forgive Him $35,000
28 Bienvenido de Nuevo Stakes HialeahPark This Flights For You $29,150
28 LQHBA Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs Game Show Special $540,656
28 Black Gold Futurity Championship (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs Make It Bentley $391,941
28 Black Gold Derby (R) Blue Ribbon Downs BP Southern Mariah $70,090
28 Oklahoma Bred Championship (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Freakin Dash $31,000
28 Texas Classic Derby (G1) Lone Star Park Stolis Winner $342,431
28 Texas Classic Futurity (G1) LoneStar Park Tempting Dash $1,105,397
27 RheudasilHandicap Lone Star Park PointOf Deception $15,000
27 Hipodromode lasAmericas Stakes Lone Star Park Diamond For Jess $15,000
27 Joe B. Turner Memorial Stakes Lone Star Park Silk Mountain $15,000
22 King RickRack Stakes ZiaPark Love Bonus (TB) $60,180
22 Corona Cartel Stakes TurfParadise Pistoli $15,000
22 OQHRA Fall Classic Blue Ribbon Downs PrinceOn Line $22,500
21 Lone Star Park Distance Championship Lone Star Park Heza Marquette Maker $15,000
20 Z. Wayne Griffin Directors Stakes Los Alamitos MyLady First $18,000
15 AQRA Futurity Turf Paradise For Love NMoney $39,140
15 Evangeline Downs Dash Evangeline Downs One Game Chick $21,900
14 Corona Chick Handicap Los Alamitos Separate Lives $25,000
14 Evangeline Downs Futurity Evangeline Downs Miss Snow Royale $79,700
13 Your First MoonHandicap Los Alamitos Moonlight Corona $16,000
9 Portland Meadows Derby Portland Meadows Junosnoking $16,000
8 New Mexico Cup Futurity (RG2) ZiaPark Sixy Chamisa $335,885
8 New Mexico Cup Derby (RG2) Zia Park DM Hot Hot Hot $204,398
8 Mew Mexico Cup Championship(RG1) Zia Park First Moonflash $179,230
8 New Mexico Cup 870Championship Zia Park Key's Band (TB) $148,230
8 AQRA-Turf Paradise OpenDerby Turf Paradise Royal Snow Job $32,537
7 B.F. Phillips Jr. Handicap (RG3) Lone Star Park Point Of Deception $25,000
7 Los Alamitos Super Derby(G1) Los Alamitos Foose $948,000
6 Town Policy Handicap Los Alamitos Hawkish Got Rhythm $25,000
6 JEH StallionStationHandicap Lone Star Park Vital Winner $15,000
2 Baxter Andruss Oregon-Bred Futurity Portland Meadows Roberts Running Boot $38,800
1 Mexican Breeders' Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo Royal Down Ryon $106,781


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Wrangler Derby Stakes Los Alamitos Hulapai $25,000
31 AQHA Members Plus Stakes Los Alamitos Look Her Over $25,000
31 Farnam Stakes Los Alamitos Masters Call $25,000
31 Q-Racing Juvenile Stakes Los Alamitos Sparky E Boy $25,000
31 Lovington Stakes (G2) Zia Park Noconi $60,360
31 Gridiron Gallop Lone Star Park Slick Little Beduino $15,000
31 J'NL Breeders' Classic Futurity Blue Ribbon Downs Fishin At Sunset $26,474
31 John Deere Juvenile Challenge Championship (G2) Los Alamitos Hoist Mission $150,000
31 Bayer Legend Derby Challenge Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Saturday Nite Fever $200,000
31 Red Cell Distance ChallengeChampionship (G1) Los Alamitos GoneTo The Mountain $125,000
31 Merial Distaff Challenge Championship (G1) Los Alamtios Stylish Jess BR $125,000
31 Bank of America Challenge Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Fighter On Fire $350,000
30 Golden State Million Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos The Partys On Fire $1,227,250
30 Golden State Juvenile Los Alamitos FightingCity Hall $25,000
27 Sandia Handicap Downs at Albuquerque Shez Mighty Pfind $35,000
25 Alberta Bred Futurity Whoop Up Downs Casino High $76,750
25 Illini Futurity Hawthorne Money On Cleat $16,300
25 Lousiana Bred Derby (RG3) Evangeline Downs Toast To Streakin $60,000
25 Black Gold 350 Futurity Blue Ribbon Downs Thats The Way I Roll $95,000
24 Buttons and Bows Handicap (G3) Downs at Albuquerque Shez Mighty Pfind $35,000
24 All American Congress Maturity Beulah Park Quickflyin Elin $24,180
24 All American Congress Futurity (G3) Beulah Park Fearles Fred $38,211
24 AllAmerican Congress Derby Beulah Park Beduinos Cat $22,565
24 DashFor Cash Derby(G1) Lone Star Park Charal Kid $202,200
24 Dash For Cash Futurity (G1) Lone Star Park Tempting Dash $445,185
24 Dash For Cash Juvenile Lone Star Park Gols Victory Pop $49,465
23 6666 Ranch Handicap Lone Star Park Miss Kips Streakin $15,000
18 Bradford Stakes Hoosier Park Struttin High $75,600
18 Mexican Breeders' Derby (R) Hipodromo Ze Dancer $43,864
18 Ontario Jackpot Futurity Ajax Downs Kold Toungue $110,672
18 Ontario-Bred Maturity (R) Ajax Downs Rising UpThe Charts $52,976
18 Ontario-Bred Derby (R) AjaxDowns Jess Royal Bucks $54,324
18 Bank of AmericaWest/Southwest Championship Challenge (G3) Turf Paradise Rylees Boy $84,510
18 John Deere West/Southwest Championship Challenge Turf Paradise Regal Rockn $36,880
17 Herman Jefferson Stakes (G3) Zia Park Gone To The Mountain $55,000
17 Sterlie Bertram Memorial Stakes Hoosier Park Hez Rare Too $78,300
17 Miss Roxie Little Futurity Hoosier Park I Is It $79,100
17 LQHBA Sales Futurity (RG1) Evangeline Downs Dealagame $272,918
17 LQHBA Sales Invitational Evangeline Downs Mr Game $48,162
17 New MexicoBreeders'Championship (RG2) Downs at Albuquerque First Moonflash $40,000
16 Grand Prairie Classic Lone Star Park Coups De Ville $15,000
11 Hobbs America Derby (G3) Zia Park Winners Version $147,905
11 Hobbs AmericaFuturity (G3) Zia Park First Klas Fred $302,440
11 O.B. Cockerell Handicap Downs at Albuquerque Shurnuf Streakin $35,000
10 Alex Picov Memorial Championship (R) Ajax Downs Fast Flungh Floyd $126,100
10 Hoosier Park Classic Hoosier Park Eyes Hopefull Too $78,200
10 Governor's Stakes Hoosier Park Stone Heading West $89,700
10 QHRAI Derby Hoosier Park Wild Choice $86,800
10 Oklahoma Centennial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs My First One $21,600
10 RobertBoniface Los Alamitos Invitational Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Freaky $150,000
9 Kool Kue Baby Handicap Lone Star Park Lake View Dreams $15,000
9 Autumn Handicap Los Alamitos Hoist Mission $25,000
4 Pat Hyland MemorialHandicap Los Alamitos Making Choices $15,000
4 Billy Montgomery Stakes (RG3) Evangeline Downs Mon Ti Rose $30,700
4 Alex Picov Memorial Futurity (R) Ajax Downs Sum Fun To Watch $131,100
3 LubbockStakes (G3) Zia Park Heavenly Trip $60,000
3 Refrigerator Handicap (G1) Lone Star Park Streakin Cherry $100,000
3 PCQHRA Breeders' Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Jumpn Beduino $416,000
2 Intermountain Handicap Los Alamitos CG Fabulous Goer $15,000
2 PCQHRA Breeders'Derby (G2) Los Alamitos Jessanotheraffair $176,000
2 Blane Schvaneveldt Handicap Los Alamitos Full Boat $40,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
27 Mexican QHA YearlingSale Futurity (RG3) Hipodromo Nothing Seeker $210,785
27 Canadian Cup Derby (R) Whoop Up Downs Tres D Man $32,305
27 Candian Cup Futurity (RG2) Whoop UpDowns KR American Girl $95,516
27 Budweiser Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Fearles Fred $28,260
27 Red Cell California Distance Challenge Los Alamitos Snowbound Superstar $19,200
26 Bill Hedge Memorial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Illegal Fireworks $20,000
26 John Deere Oklahoma JuvenileChallenge (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Crystal Sola $42,570
26 Bayer Legend Oklahoma Derby Challenge (G3) Blue Ribbon Downs Call Me Tater $40,950
26 New Mexico State Fair Senor Futurity (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Captain Jacksboro $79,864
26 New Mexico State Fair Senorita Futurity(RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Auntie G $71,750
26 New Mexico State FairBreeders' Derby Downs at Albuquerque Rabbit Revival $56,852
26 Red River Handicap Lone Star Park Vital Winner $15,000
25 Classic Chevrolet Heartbeat of America Handicap (RG3) Lone Star Park Executive Looks $25,000
20 Mexico Futurity Hipodromo Ticket To Anywhere $23,000
20 Black Gold 330 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Miss Cartels Success $95,000
19 James Isaac Hobbs Stakes (G2) Zia Park Photo Smart $60,270
19 Mildred N. Vessls Memorial Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Terrific Energy $132,926
19 Garden District Stakes Fair Grounds Kiss ACorona $40,000
19 Lakeview Stakes Fair Grounds First Down Toro $40,000
19 Bosen Derby Sandy Downs Meter Me Lane $16,440
19 Hawthorne Futurity- Div. 1 Sandy Downs Bug Tussel $45,320
19 Valley Junction Futurity (G3) Prairie Meadows A Sweet Gamble $142,400
19 Iowa Stallion Derby (R) Prairie Meadows TRS Skirt Chaser $36,600
19 Iowa Stallion Futurity (R) Prairie Meadows YawlsFlashem Open $48,350
19 Altoona Derby(G3) Prairie Meadows Rarely Makes It Home $62,200
18 Two Rivers Stakes (G3) Prairie Meadows Struttin High $45,000
18 Vieux Carre Stakes FairGrounds Charal Kid $40,000
15 Miss Blackhawk Stakes Prairie Meadows Toast To Candy $29,286
15 Audubon Stakes Fair Grounds Diamonds Achievement $40,000
14 Covered Bridges Stakes Prairie Meadows Principal Feature $25,000
13 Yellowstone Downs Futurity Yellowstone Downs Utah Pistol $19,885
13 Mexican QHA Yearling Sale Derby (R) Hipodromo Ze Dancer $59,419
12 Gridirion Special Stakes Prairie Meadows Slick Little Beduino $22,360
12 Mid City Stakes FairGrounds Hailfire N Brimstone $35,000
11 Go Man Go Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Jess You And I $89,189
11 Gentility Dash Stakes Fair Grounds Lassie O Toole $25,000
9 Big Easy Stakes Fair Grounds Royal Holland Ease $60,000
8 New Orleans Ladies Stakes Fair Grounds JLO Laveaux $60,000
7 Elko Intermountain Futurity Elko Co.Fair Candy For Eyein You $56,700
7 Elko County Derby Elko Co.Fair StrikeTwice $31,000
7 La Mariposa Handicap Downsat Albuquerque Shez Mighty Pfind $35,000
7 All American Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs Runnning Brook Gal $1,900,000
7 All American Juvenile Ruidosos Downs Louisiana Blue Dream $150,000
7 Diamond Classic Futurity Yellowstone Downs Hay JC $38,823
6 All American Derby(G1) Ruidoso Downs Inseperable $625,130
6 Diamond Classic Derby Yellowstone Downs Shi D Anna $15,127
6 Yavapai Downs Futurity (G3) Yavapai Downs Regal Rockn $42,700
6 Northern Plains Futurity NorthDakota Horse Park Little Love Affair $21,850
6 ManuelLujan Stakes Downs at Albuquerque Anywhere Bully $35,000
6 All Canadian Derby Ajax Downs Fast FlungFloyd $90,722
5 QHRA of Indiana SS Auction Derby Hoosier Park Beduinos Cat $48,500
5 QHRAof IndianaSS Auction Futurity Hoosier Park Stone Heading West $100,000
5 Louis Curtis/Robert Kieckhefer Memorial Handicap Yavapai Downs Rylees Boy $15,000
5 All American Gold Cup (G3) Ruidoso Downs Streakin Cherry $50,000
5 All Canadian Classic Ajax Downs Watch Me If You Can $61,463
5 Sgt Pepper Feature Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos Making Choices $25,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
30 GLQHRA Stallion Service Sale Derby (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Joni B Special $15,000
30 Bank ofAmerica Mexico Championship Challenge Hipodromo Mayo First $53,190
30 Minnesota Bred Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Oak Tree Boulevard $23,400
30 Minnesota Bred Derby (R) Canterbury Park Traffic Cartel $23,550
30 Oklahoma Bred Futurity (RG3) Blue Ribbon Downs Chi Ter $120,168
30 All Canadian Futurity Ajax Downs Fortune Six Hundred $85,719
29 Blue Bonnet Stakes Sam Houston Shadaisy 123 $19,500
29 Jack Clifford Stakes California State Fair Hawkins Love $15,560
29 Jim Bader Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Cartels Belle $77,200
29 Future of Iowa Stakes (R) Prairie Meadows Bills Glamour $51,940
29 Polk County Derby(R) Prairie Meadows Fly Me Anywhere $66,600
29 Terrance Hill Stakes (RG3) Prairie Meadows Cruzin To Victory $54,000
29 Oklahoma BredDerby (R) Blue Ribbon Downs Top Of The Game $49,395
29 Sam Houston Distance Derby Sam Houston DM Traffic $18,750
29 Golden State Derby (G1) Los Alamitos Alice K White $250,000
28 Sam Houston Derby(G2) Sam Houston Charal Kid $121,700
28 MinnDak Futurity North Dakota Horse Park Righteous Look $15,000
28 John Deere California Juvenile Challenge Los Alamitos Corona Street $48,150
28 Sam Houston Futurity (G1) Sam Houston Eye Got The Blues $321,900
23 Merial New Mexico Distaff Challenge Ruidoso Downs As Takin First $33,660
23 Alberta Stallion Stakes Futurity (R) Northlands Park Jackpine Savage $61,501
23 Alberta Stallion StakesDerby (R) Northlands Park Cornova $33,648
23 John Deere Enerpan Stakes Northlands Park Platinum NPearls $21,601
23 BayerLegend California Derby Challenge Los Alamitos Saturday Nite Fever $47,970
23 Gillespie County Fair Futurity (G3) Gillespie Co. Fair Bertha Venation $98,900
22 Sam HoustonClassic (G2) Sam Houston Diamond Tres Seis $50,000
22 Intermountain Stallion Futurity (R) Sandy Downs MyDoughIs Low $15,000
22 GCFA Texas-Bred Stakes GillespieCo. Fair ImCurrent $17,000
22 Don Steele Memorial Stakes Blue Ribbon Downs Adios My Amigos $21,700
22 Bank of America California Championship Challenge (G2) Los Alamitos Fighter On Fire $81,900
21 Governor's CupMarathon Handicap (G3) Sam Houston Big Bad N Brown $35,000
21 MerialCalifornia Distaff Challenge(G3) Los Alamitos Stylish Jess BR $25,226
18 QueenCity Dash River Downs Shamu Moon $18,901
16 Yavapai Downs Derby Yavapai Downs Jacque Seis $38,237
16 PelicanStakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque DMHot Hot Hot $40,000
16 HardTwist Stakes (RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Rabbit Revival $43,500
16 John Augustine Stakes Downs at Albuquerque DashOf Deanie $40,000
16 Lineage Championship(RG3) Downs at Albuquerque Me Chickie $47,000
16 Bob Morehouse/Cash Caravan Stakes Canterbury Park FirstClass Smarty $22,250
16 North Central QHRA Futurity (R) Canterbury Park Stolis Kool Chick $32,675
15 Bank of America Central Championship Challenge (G2) Prairie Meadows Little BitOf Baja $78,827
15 Black Gold 300 Futurity (R) Blue Ribbon Downs BJ Southern Star $95,000
15 John Deere Canada Juvenile Challenge Evergreen Park RD Panther Shake $23,580
15 Merial Canada Distaff Challenge Evergreen Park Hawks Halo $18,720
15 Bayer Legend Canada Derby Challenge Evergreen Park Tres D Man $27,990
15 Texas Twister Stakes (R) Sam Houston Sought After $20,000
15 Bank of America Canada ChampionshipChallenge Evergreen Park Business Tycoon $46,800
15 John Deere Central Juvenile Challenge Prairie Meadows Pauls Gray Dream $38,520
14 Merial Central Distaff Challenge Prairie Meadows Brookhiser $25,560
14 Red Cell Central Distance Challenge Prairie Meadows Another Oly $23,040
9 Mile High Futurity (G3) Arapahoe Park Triffle $146,920
9 Princess Stakes Derby AjaxDowns A Leading Memory $57,467
9 Mile High Derby (G3) Arapahoe Park Purely Prada $78,140
9 Oneida County Futurity Oneida Co. Fair De GreatCartel $27,800
9 Dash In A Flash Stakes Canterbury Park Wheely Fast $15,000
8 Special Hank Handicap Downs at Albuquerque La Especial Corona $35,000
8 Charlie Claborn Memorial Stakes Blue RibbonDowns LD American Maid $22,100
8 TQHA Sires' Cup Stakes (R) Sam Houston Zoomin Winner $16,000
8 North Dakota Derby North Dakota Horse Park Shake Em Diva $15,005
8 Red Cell West/Southwest Distance Challenge Arapahoe Park Bad Act $29,880
7 North Dakota Futurity North Dakota Horse Park Little LoveAffair $20,405
7 Arapahoe Park Speed Challenge Arapahoe Park Shurnuf Streakin $15,800
3 MidwestMaturity Stakes Mt. Pleasant Meadows Senorita Tres $21,000
2 Rocky Mountain Championship Arapahoe Park BestfootForeward $16,350
2 Princess Stakes Futurity Ajax Downs Fortune Six Hundred $62,800
2 John Deere New Mexico Juvenile Challenge (G3) RuidosoDowns EBW Obsession $62,730
1 Mr Jet Moore Handicap (G3) RuidosoDowns Noconi $40,000
1 Keokuk Stakes(G3) Prairie Meadows Dylans Dandy $40,500
1 Manitoba Speed Horse Futurity Assiniboia Downs Sin City Queen $16,333


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Manitoba Speed Horse Derby Assiniboia Downs Dashing Meteror $16,230
31 WoodlandsStakes Sam Houston Hawk Fan $15,000
26 GLQHA Michigan Stallion Service Sale Futurity (R) Mt. Pleasant Meadows Happendindamoonlite $36,483
26 Bayer Legend Central Derby Challenge (G3) Canterbury Park Quattro $44,550
26 Ajax Downs Legacy Futurity Ajax Downs The Diamond Side $81,286
26 Zia 870 Handicap Championship (R) Ruidoso Downs Keys Band (TB) $50,000
26 Zia Handicap (RG2) Ruidoso Downs PB And Crackers $50,000
26 Zia Derby (RG2) RuidosoDowns Salt On The Side $107,173
26 Zia Futurity (RG1) Ruidoso Downs Jess A Chicks $321,451
26 TQHA Sires' Cup Derby (RG3) Sam Houston Its A Black Oak $59,458
25 TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG1) Sam Houston Turbulenz $408,279
25 Masters Salls Handicap(G3) Ruidoso Downs Gone To The Mountain $40,000
25 Speedhorse Gold& Silver Cup Futurity (RG1) Fair Meadows Casica Babe $406,100
25 Speedhorse Gold & SilverCub Derby (RG3) Fair Meadows Streakin Six Cartel $100,600
25 Governor's Cup Derby (RG1) Los Alamitos Hard Hitting $208,000
25 California Breeders' FreshmanStakes Los Alamitos Corona Cal $25,000
25 California Breeders' 550 SophomoreHandicap (R) Los Alamitos Rafting $25,000
25 Spencer Childers California Breeders' Championship Handicap(RG1) Los Alamitos Freaky $98,500
25 California Breeders' Matron Handicap (RG2) Los Alamitos My Lady First $50,000
25 California Breeders' Debutante Handicap (R) Los Alamitos Revv It Up $25,000
25 Jens L List Memorial California Bred Stakes Los Alamitos Foose $25,000
25 Governor's Cup Futurity (RG1) Los Alamitos Peace Fire $426,000
24 Barn Master Sprint Stakes (RG3) Sam Houston Quickid Corona $50,000
24 Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer 550 Stakes Sam Houston JC My Diamond Man $45,000
24 Ancira Ford Stakes Sam Houston Easy Dashin Sixes $50,000
19 Land of Oz Stakes - Div. 1 Anthony Downs Rump Shakin $20,800
19 Land of Oz Stakes - Div. 2 Anthony Downs No Temper Here $21,000
19 Rainbow Juvenile Ruidoso Downs Kuhl Little Man $20,000
19 Rainbow Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs ZoominWith Ease $625,000
18 John Deere Northwest Juvenile Challenge (G3) Wyoming Downs PrincessOf Zoom $40,680
18 Bayer LegendNorthwest DerbyChallenge (G3) Wyoming Downs Iona Corona $36,900
18 Bank of America NorthwestChampionshipChallenge (G3) Wyoming Downs Snip N Dale $62,010
18 Silver Dollar Futurity (RG3) Wyoming Downs Were Switching Moves $46,203
18 Iowa DoubleGold Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Game Show Special $80,750
18 IQHRA Sale Futurity (RG3) Prairie Meadows Ima Okey Strutt $56,550
18 Iowa DoubleGold Derby (RG3) Prairie Meadows Believers Gathering $65,500
18 Bluegrass Derby The Red Mile Toast ToCandy $15,000
18 TQHA Futurity Gillespie Co. Fair Eisenheim $49,800
18 Bonnet/Broden Futurity Evergreen Park Miss Birdzilla $32,131
18 FDD Dynasty Stakes The Red Mile SRR Royal Flush $15,000
18 Rainbow Derby (G1) Ruidoso Downs Inseperable $480,857
17 Fort Herrod Stakes The Red Mile Gallant Corona $15,000
17 John Deere Lexington Challenge Sprint Stakes The Red Mile Ze Tuff Contender $15,000
12 Louisiana Juvenile (R) Delta Downs JLOLaveaux $50,000
12 Flashy Hemp Stakes (R) Delta Downs Diamonds Achievement $50,000
12 Lee Berwick Memorial Futurity (RG1) Delta Downs Gametime $484,300
12 Louisiana Classic (RG2) Delta Downs Heza Jodys Toast $100,000
12 Vinton Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Hailfire N Brimstone $50,000
12 Live Oak Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs MCM Penny Game $50,000
12 Rocky Mountain Futurity (G3) Arapahoe Park Sheza Fast Dasher $101,640
12 Bayer West/Southwest Derby Challenge (G3) Arapahoe Park Specially Alluring $43,920
12 Merial West/Southwest DistaffChallenge Arapahoe Park Baby La Jolla $26,460
12 Wyoming All Breeds Futurity Wyoming Downs Hay JC $22,670
11 Jaguar Rocket Stakes Indiana Downs UncommonEpisode $75,000
11 John Deere Texas Juvenile Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Red Heels $57,060
11 Red CellTexas Distance Challenge (G3) Sam Houston Blue Ribbon Dash $24,795
11 MerialTexas Distaff Challenge Sam Houston JA Impetuously $29,070
11 Bayer Legend Texas DerbyChallenge (G3) Sam Houston Jodys Money Pop $58,410
11 BlaneSchaveveldt/Cowboy Classic Futurity Wyoming Downs Jazzy Fish $22,100
11 Walter Merrick Memorial Stakes Fair Meadows Carny Streakin Dash $20,000
11 Bank of America Texas Championship Challenge (G1) Sam Houston Easy Dashin Sixes $107,550
5 Maple Leaf Futurity Ajax Downs Flatter Me Anywhere $42,174
5 Maple Leaf Derby Ajax Downs Dianetobewitcha $38,559
5 HillCountry Dash Gillespie Co. Fair Tearful $19,700
5 Don Boyd Handicap Mt. Pleasant Meadows Senorita Tres $21,500
5 Rocky Heinzig Stakes Fair Meadows Okey Dokey Irish $20,000
4 Kansas Bred Futurity (R) Eureka Downs Getting The Cash $55,200
4 Fair Meadows Maturity Fair Meadows Heza Smooth Gambler $20,000
4 Firecracker Futurity (G2) Delta Downs TF Ms Special Perry $214,700
4 Firecracker Derby (G2) Delta Downs Lassie O Toole $102,600
4 Higheasterjet Handicap (G3) Ruidoso Downs Noconi $40,000
4 Silestone Handicap Sam Houston Racing Streak $24,250
4 Northlands Futurity (G3) Canterbury Park Stolis Kool Chick $51,650
3 Great Lakes Stakes (G3) Canterbury Park Mr La Bubba $23,450


Date Race Track Winner Purse
28 Canterbury Park Derby Canterbury Park Make OutArtist $39,850
27 Desert Classic Derby (R) Yavapai Downs Eyesa Effort $30,875
27 Independence Day Handicap Los Alamitos Feature Mr Liquidity $30,000
27 Bob WoodardStakes Indiana Downs Burrs Tictac $78,800
27 Blue River Derby IndianaDowns Hez Rare Too $79,400
27 Expo Square Stakes Fair Meadows Carny Streakin Dash $20,000
27 Miss Polly Stakes (G3) Delta Downs Mr Perry Dash $40,000
26 Oklahoma Horseman's Association Derby (RG3) Fair Meadows Smokin PastYou $83,500
26 Oklahoma Horseman's Association Futurity (RG3) Fair Meadows Kiss A Corona $162,500
21 Prescott Valley Laddie/Lassie Futurity Yavapai Downs Regal Rockn $43,415
21 MarathonHandicap SunRay Park Vital Winner $50,000
21 Four Corners Futurity SunRay Park Ms Dashair $87,000
21 Dutch Masters III Futurity Jerome Co. Fair Sparky E Boy $20,075
21 Dale Schvaneveldt MemorialDerby Jerome Co. Fair Star A FlightFever $15,080
21 Fair Meadows Juvenile Stakes Fair Meadows Crystal Sola $21,730
21 Minnesota Stallions Breeders' Futurity Canterbury Park Oak Tree Boulevard $25,500
21 Ajax Downs Classic AjaxDowns Casino Nights $47,750
20 All Canadian Futurity Whoop Up Downs Northfork Babe $23,798
20 Stephen F. Austin Stakes (R) SamHouston Sought After $23,750
20 Ed Burke Memorial Juvenile (R) Los Alamitos Tylerite $30,000
20 Golden Driller Stakes Fair Meadows Duck Mea Running $20,000
20 Ed Burke MillionFuturity (G1) Los Alamitos DH - LD Fire
DH - StreakinLaquinta
19 Vessels Maturity (G1) Los Alamitos Freaky $150,000
14 Mark T Bars Stakes Yavapai Downs Pistoli $15,000
14 Bayer Legend New Mexico Derby Challenge (G3) Ruidoso Downs Skyline Lover $49,860
14 Ruidoso Sale Futurity (RG2) Ruidoso Downs East Wing $183,076
14 CherryCreek Futurity (RG3) Arapahoe Park Yeah Ima Leader $83,195
14 Lucille Rowe Derby (R) Arapahoe Park Chicka Wow Wow $46,265
14 Michigan Bred Futurity Mt. Pleasant Meadows Dials Corona For Me $26,170
13 New Mexico Breeders' Stakes (RG3) SunRay Park Roll A Miracle $75,000
13 TQHA Sires' Cup Futurity (RG2) Sam Houston Ivansbay $129,420
13 Mr Jess Perry Stakes (RG3) Delta Downs Mon Ti Rose $50,000
12 Cash For Kas Handicap Los Alamitos Spanish Cartel $15,000
7 Skip Zimmerman Memorial Stakes Canterbury Park Whirling Cleat $20,000
7 Develop A Plan Stakes Delta Downs Easy Dashin Sixes $25,000
7 Ruidoso Juvenile Ruidioso Downs Be So Fast $20,000
7 Ruidoso Futurity (G1) Ruidoso Downs First Klas Fred $500,000
6 Ruidoso Derby (G1) Ruidoso Downs Time For A Cigar $308,267
6 Belles Stakes Fair Meadows Oh Cherokee Rose $20,000
6 Indiana Heartland Juvenile Futurity Indiana Downs Gallant Corona $95,700
6 San Marcos Handicap Sam Houston Blue Ribbon Dash $15,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Robert Heubeck Memorial Stakes Yavapai Downs Eyesa Effort $15,000
31 New Mexico Breeders' Futurity (RG2) SunRay Park Sixy Chamisa $150,000
31 Bitterroot Derby (R) Pocatello Downs SR Ocean Dream $25,170
31 Bitterroot Futurity (RG2) Pocatello Downs Hoist Mission $106,472
31 Minnesota Stallion Breeders' Derby (R) Canterbury Park Holland North $22,975
31 Jack Brooks Stakes (R) Remington Park Apolloonamission $50,000
31 Easy Jet Stakes (RG3) Remington Park Teller Shes An Angel $50,000
30 Louisiana Breeders' Derby Delta Downs MDT Streetfighter $139,800
30 Animas Stakes SunRay Park Hesa Special Oreille $50,000
30 Heritage Place Futurity (G1) Remington Park Ragazzo $1,107,000
30 Remington Park Invitational Championship (G1) Remington Park Separate Bet $200,000
30 Heritage Place Derby (G2) Remington Park Cuz Eye Said $236,190
30 Junos Request Stakes (G3) Remington Park Answer The Dream $55,200
30 Heritage Place Juvenile Remington Park A Fitting Way $75,000
30 Remington Park Distance Handicap Remington Park First To Ramble $36,950
29 Go Josie Go Handicap Los Alamitos Moonlight Corona $15,000
25 Fine Loom Handicap Ruidoso Downs Sheet Burns $40,000
24 Dash For Speed Stakes Arapahoe Park Shurnuf Streakin $16,800
24 Mt. Pleasant Meadows Spring Sprint Mt. Pleasant Hez Flying With Class $15,000
23 Merial East Distaff Challenge Delta Downs One Game Chick $25,110
23 Red Cell East Distance Challenge (G3) Delta Downs High On Cat $25,560
23 Bayer Legend East Derby Challenge (G3) Delta Downs Lassie O Toole $38,250
23 John Deere East Juvenile Challenge Delta Downs Streak N Attitude $47,120
23 Bank of America East Challenge (G2) Delta Downs Hydostatic $89,190
23 John Deere Indiana Downs Stakes Indiana Downs Struttin High $70,000
23 Tower of the Americas Handicap Sam Houston Cash At The Line $18,500
23 Triple Eleven Stakes Will Rogers Downs Carny Streakin Dash $25,000
16 IFA/Purina Derby (R) Laurel Brown Mr Jesses Secretary $16,560
16 South Valley/Alberta Gas Futurity (R) Laurel Brown JN The Dutchman $23,425
16 Beehive Futurity (R) Laurel Brown Brisant $76,146
16 La Villita Stakes Sam Houston Executive Looks $19,000
16 Louisiana GraduationStakes (R) Delta Downs Zupers Quick Dash $73,600
16 Kindergarten Futurity (G1) Los Alamitos Twin Spires $300,000
15 Retama ParkDerby (G2) Sam Houston Christmas Cheer $114,150
15 Retama Park Futurity (G1) SamHouston Memories Of Okey $225,450
10 Merial Oklahoma DistaffChallenge RemingtonPark Answer The Dream $39,240
10 Bank of America Oklahoma Challenge Championship (G1) RemingtonPark Illegal Memories $104,760
10 Red Cell Oklahoma Distance Challenge Remington Park Snowbound Superstar $27,620
10 Mother's Day Stakes (R) Delta Downs Shawnies Dasher $40,000
9 Alabama Futurity (R) Delta Downs Graits Sock Lady $63,310
9 Delta 550 Championship (R) Delta Downs Bayou Blaster $40,000
9 Universal City Stakes Sam Houston Big Bad N Brown $18,750
9 Dash For Roses Stakes Will Rogers Downs Injuns Fine Wine $50,000
8 MyDebut Handicap Los Alamitos DLT Runaway $15,000
3 Ft. PierreFuturity Ft. Pierre Cedar Creek $15,000
3 Sudden Impact Handicap Remington Park Duck Mea Running $40,200
2 Merial Northwest Distaff Challenge Sun Downs Tombstone Tina $28,160
2 Live Oak Stakes Sam Houston Wowzer Won $24,500
2 Sooner State Stakes (RG1) Remington Park Here To Entertain $100,000
2 South Dakota Futurity Ft. Pierre Chicks Brief Case $15,000
2 Louisiana Breeders' Laddie Futurity (RG2) Delta Downs Baby Im Game $272,500
2 Louisiana Breeders' Lassie Futurity (RG2) Delta Downs Beyondthegame $250,600
1 Desert Classic Futurity (RG3) Turf Paradise Flying Colours $88,682


Date Race Track Winner Purse
26 Gem County Futurity Gem Co. Fair Shake Em Zevi $19,620
26 ElMoro De Cumpas Stakes Sonoita Babe Watcher $45,000
26 Four Corners Senora Stakes SunRayPark Blazin N Shakin $82,200
26 Manor DownsHandicapIV Manor Downs Dashin Tres $17,300
26 Manor DownsDerby (G3) Manor Downs Mr Queens Mystery $146,000
26 Manor Downs Futurity (G1) Manor Downs GJR Snowman $289,000
25 Manor Downs Maturity (G3) Manor Downs Mr La Bubba $50,500
25 KaweahBar Handicap (G3) Los Alamitos A Mere Chocolate $30,000
25 Louisiana PurchaseStakes (RG3) Delta Downs Toast To Jess $50,000
24 DillinghamHandicap (G3) Los Alamitos Hulapai $30,000
21 Getaway Handicap Sunland Park Chocolate Mountain $50,000
19 Pot O'Gold Futurity Sun Downs Princess Of Zoom $23,830
19 Delta Dash Delta Downs OneGame Chick $20,000
19 FrancesCarr Distaff (G3) Manor Downs Sweet Violets $40,000
18 KansasJackpot Futurity (RG2) Will RogersDowns DH - No Commitment
DH - Mondays Spit N Image
18 West Texas Futurity (G1) Sunland Park Varsity Girl $252,625
18 West Texas Juvenile Sunland Park Poison Sumac $50,600
18 Sunburst Handicap Sunland Park Bridgelei $50,000
18 Blink of anEye Stakes Remington Park CheckOn Chico $36,500
18 Bob Moore Memorial Stakes (G3) Remington Park Quickid Corona $51,300
18 Remington Park Derby (G2) Remington Park RarelyMakes It Home $203,509
18 RemingtonPark Futurity (G1) Remington Park First Prize Leesa $683,600
18 TQHA Texas-Bred Stakes Manor Downs Racing Streak $15,000
18 Dixie Downs Futurity Dixie Downs Chasin Savanna B $31,830
17 AQRA President's Spring Futurity Turf Paradise Fantastic Dasher $47,880
17 La PacificaHandicap Los Alamitos Hope To See Ya Zoom $30,000
12 Easily A Possum Derby Hipodromo Drop Of Corona $19,286
12 New Mexican Spring Futurity (RG1) SunlandPark GBH Steppin Johnny $120,000
12 Bank of America New Mexico Challenge Championship (G1) SunlandPark First Moonflash $110,000
11 NewMexican Spring Fling Sunland Park Seven Coronas $75,500
11 La Primera Del Ano Derby (G2) Los Alamitos Alice K White $236,100
10 El Primero Del Ano Derby (G2) Los Alamitos Royal Proclamation $192,300
5 Pauls Valley Stakes Remington Park Snowbound Superstar $35,000
5 Red Cell New Mexico Distance Challenge (G3) Sunland Park Gone To The Mountain $55,000
4 Dog Iron Dash Stakes Will Rogers Downs Whits Dashin Okie $25,000
4 West Texas Derby (G2) Sunland Park Mr Jesses Corona $65,000
4 Manor Downs Handicap III Manor Downs General Perry $17,600


Date Race Track Winner Purse
29 Manor Downs Handicap Manor Downs Vodka WithIce $15,000
28 Decketta Stakes Remington Park Eyesa Country Miss $40,200
28 Leo Stakes (G2) Remington Park Separate Bet $103,250
27 AB What A RunnerHandicap Los Alamitos Shelbys Surprise $15,000
23 Portland Meadows JohnDeere Bonus Challenge Portland Meadows Snip N Dale $20,600
22 Longhorn Derby (G3) Manor Downs Shazooms Glory Dash $130,730
21 Longhorn Invitational Stakes (R) Manor Downs Shake Change $21,390
21 Longhorn Futuritiy (G1) Manor Downs Fast Chick Beduino $221,120
21 Oklahoma Derby (G3) Remington Park Spit Curl Diva $115,000
21 Oklahoma Futurity (G3) Remington Park Del Shake $355,000
21 Cherokee Challenge Stakes Will Rogers Downs This Flights For You $50,000
17 Mardi Gras Futurity(RG2) LouisianaDowns Heza Skipin Fast $242,222
17 BillyMontgomeryStakes Louisiana Downs Somekinda Beau $50,000
17 Harrah's Entertainment Futurity (G3) Louisiana Downs Streak N Attitude $260,740
17 Streakin La Jolla Stakes Louisiana Downs First Downs Devon $25,000
15 Messilla Valley Speed Handicap (RG2) Sunland Park First Moonflash $100,000
14 SLM Big Daddy Stakes Remington Park Vital Winner $50,000
8 Manor Downs Handicap I Manor Downs Vodka With Ice $18,100
8 Eastex Handicap (G2) Remington Park Separate Bet $50,000
7 Magnolia Stakes Louisiana Downs Slinkys Fortune $50,000
7 West Texas Maturity (G2) Sunland Park Perrys Queen Bug $105,228


Date Race Track Winner Purse
28 Mr Jess Perry Stakes LouisianaDowns HezaJodys Toast $50,000
22 NMHBA Stakes (RG2) Sunland Park BP Shes Southern $125,000
21 Party Girl Stakes Louisiana Downs Mon Ti Rose $50,000
21 Mardi Gras Derby(R) Louisiana Downs Toast To Jess $80,550
21 Los Alamitos Winter Championship (G1) Los Alamitos Jess You And I $240,700
20 Los Alamitos Winter Derby (G1) Los Alamitos A Tempting Dash $200,000
14 Swift Stakes Louisiana Downs Money Follows Money $25,000
7 Marathon Stakes Louisiana Downs Slinkys Fortune $25,000
6 HuntingtonHarbour Handicap Los Alamitos Forgive Him $16,000


Date Race Track Winner Purse
31 Harrah's Derby (G2) Louisiana Downs Vrrroom $169,560
31 KOFX Radio Handicap (G2) Sunland Park Uncovered Regard $50,000
24 Super Bowl Handicap Los Alamitos Dashin BK $20,000
24 Harrah's Distaff Stakes Louisiana Downs Miss Kips Streakin $25,000
17 Debutante Overnight Handicap Los Alamitos Catahawk $16,000
17 Harrah'sDash Stakes Louisiana Downs Kep Me Fire $25,000
10 Cypress Handicap Los Alamitos Magic Show Czech $25,000
3 Charger Bar Handicap (G1) Los Alamitos Terrific Energy $100,000
3 ShueFly Stakes (RG1) Sunland Park Lethal Delight $334,257