Call for Targeted Research Equine Drug Testing

The American Quarter Horse Foundation invites the submission of research proposals with emphasis on equine drug testing. Special consideration will be given to projects with collaborative approaches between departments and or institutions.

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  1. Pharmaceutical agents, hormones, nutrients and toxins administered for the purpose of performance enhancement. 
  2. Composition and properties.
  3. Synthesis and design.
  4. Diagnostics and interactions.


Liberation, absorption, distribution, metabolization and excretion, including:

  1. Site(s) of administration.
  2. Mechanics of absorption and distribution.
  3. Chemical changes of a substance in the body.
  4. Effects and or routes of excretion of related metabolites.


Biochemical and physiological effects on the body, including:

  1. Physiological/biochemical processes.
  2. Microorganism and or parasite relationship and implications.
  3. Drug-receptor interactions.
  4. Reaction dynamics.


  1. Sample collection (blood, urine) and screening (ELISA, etc.).
  2. Biomarker discovery.

Deadline for submission of proposals is November 1.

Proposals should conform to the general research proposal format. In addition to existing research funding offered, specialized assistance is available for equine head trauma and through the Young Investigator Award. Funding period will be October 1 through September 30 of the year awarded.

To obtain an application, contact Laura Owens with the American Quarter Horse Foundation at (806) 378-5034 or