Governance and Convention

Learn more about the annual AQHA convention and how you can be more involved with the decision-making processes of your Association.

AQHA Convention

Each spring, AQHA members gather for the annual AQHA convention to review member-submitted rule changes, appoint new AQHA directors, induct new American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame members and elect the AQHA Executive Committee.


View AQHA's Bylaws

AQHA’s bylaws set forth the governance structure of AQHA including the rights, responsibilities and voting privileges of AQHA’s members, directors, officers and Executive Committee.

AQHA Rulebook

Get easy access to the official AQHA Rulebook electronically or in print.

The AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations is updated yearly after undergoing careful scrutiny by AQHA. The Rulebook represents corporation bylaws, rules and regulations of registration, rules and regulations of racing, rules and regulations of shows, amateur and youth division rules and regulations, Horseback Riding Program rules and the constitution of AQHYA.


AQHA's efforts to promote animal welfare include taking disciplinary action against welfare violators via suspensions.

Per AQHA's mission statement, every American Quarter Horse shall, at all times, be treated humanely and with dignity, respect and compassion. AQHA's prohibition against inhumane treatment applies to AQHA members and non-members.