AQHA Horseback Riding Program: 5,000 Hour Awards

Congratulations to the Quarter Horse division Horseback Riding Program participants who have completed 5,000-hours.

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Debra Smith
Upper Dimensional
Prescott Valley, Arizona

This is the second time I have completed the 5,000 hour AQHA Horseback riding program.  I rode both SHEZ IN VOGUE (aka) Blondie and UPPER DIMENSIONAL (aka) Dillon.  I am blessed to have had the privilege  of owning these two wonderful quarter horses.  My Blondie from the time she was 15 months old, until she was laid to rest last year at the age of 31. I still own & ride my special boy Dillon, who was born in my arms 21 years ago.  


Debbie Reynolds
Spatz Hibrow Picnic
Sandpoint, Idaho

 I have ridden quite a few different horses along my journey to the first 5000 hours. RCR Easter Twist AKA Jessie, was the first.  I purchased her at an auction as a 4 year old and my first horse.  She is now 22 and deserves all of the credit for not only getting me hooked on horses, but also the breed.  She taught me to ride, gave me confidence and has gone on countless adventures with me.  Together we have crossed many miles of trails, sorted cows, competed in horse shows and trail competitions, done parades, ponied colts, gone swimming and so much more.  She is our steady eddy, who we now put our grandchildren and friends that are beginners on.
The most recent horse I have added to the list is Spatz Hibrow Picnic, who much like Jessie, is a Jill of all trades.  We are doing all of the same fun adventures and she is proving to be a shining example of the American Quarter Horse. 
I’ve had many wonderful memories made over this journey, but one that stands out above the rest is crossing 50 miles of the Lewis and Clark Trail in the Lolo National Forest on Jessie, camping and riding where they had once explored.
My future plans are to continue riding, learning, growing and adventuring with my wonderful horses.


Leeann Coombs
San Kai 721
Tehachapi, California

Lisa Lenaburg
Bein Lazy
Tioga, TX



Alexander Varn
Tal Vez Un Kid aka "Tally"
Baden Wuertemberg, Germany
Tally (Tal Vez Un Kid) is my best buddy, confidante and soul horse. She has never let me down and has always had my back no matter the situation.   With the help of my trainer, we left the arena and began exploring our surroundings on increasingly long rides. We’ve had so many wonderful and amazing experiences.  We’ve ridden in the Alps and the Rockies, competed in ranch rodeos, worked cattle, done mounted archery, been in parades, completed the Pikes Peak Range Ride, flown in an airplane together, been on camp trips and have just had an incredible time.

For the last five years, Tally has also been helping wounded warriors heal.  She also babysits my four-year-old daughter, who has been insisting that Tally is now her horse. Tally and I still hit the trails every chance we get, quite often without a bit, bridle or saddle. We’re now working on the next 5000-hour journey and even though I’m having to share her with my daughter, I couldn’t have a better horse to make the journey with again.

Thanks for this great program! Looking forward to all the adventures during the next 5000 hours.

Jordan Roberts
Millhod aka "Millie"
Kemmerer, Wyoming
I got Millie from the AQHA Ranching Heritage program and it has been an amazing journey with her. She is so sweet and willing to learn. She has a strong personality and is always willing to go the extra mile for me. Millie has always been loving and truly a best friend.
My favorite memory from my HBR journey is the quality time that I get to spend with my horses. It allowed me to make memories with friends and family, while doing something I love. 
My goal, during our next riding chapter, is to compete at a competition with the University of Wyoming ranch horse team. 


Karen Morey
Blue Driften Lady
 Clarinda, Iowa

This photo was taken in Buffalo, Wyoming. Buffalo Wyoming  Blue Driften Lady is the fourth home-raised horse I used for the horseback riding program.​​​​​