AQHA Policy


Learn how AQHA takes an active role in the Political, Legislative, and Regulatory process.

At AQHA, the horse and our members are our primary concern.

For those involved in equine, whether as a beginner or someone who makes it their livelihood, government at all levels has an impact on our industry. As the largest equine breed association in the world, we believe it is our duty to take an active role in public policy to ensure the horse and our members’ best interests are represented in government. 

How does the government affect the equine industry? Laws are in place at all levels; city, state and federal, that govern our horse, use of horses, and overall equine business. In addition, there are animal welfare laws at all levels of government that regulate how our horses should be cared for, laws that oversee water quality for livestock, tax laws that give tax breaks for agriculture enterprises, laws that regulate federal land, laws that control import and export of horses, immigration and many more. It is our job to fight for the laws that support our industry and oppose laws that bring harm.

How does AQHA influence public policy? As stated previously, AQHA is the world’s largest equine breed registry, and our sheer numbers can play a great role on the outcome of policy decision making. It requires that our members take an active part to influence policy to support the horse and the membership. Not only do we, as members, have the opportunity to make an impact, we have partners that can help influence the outcome of public policy for our benefit. These groups include: