Rules for Pleasure Versatility Challenge

These are the rules for the Pleasure Versatility Challenge hosted at the Farnam AQHA World Championship Show.

  1. The AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations will apply to the judging and scoring of each class, with the following adaptation: a) there are no one (1) or three (3) point penalties on lead changes; b) all five (5) point penalties will apply throughout the pattern; c) a simple lead change is not a credit-earning maneuver; d) the greatest achievable simple lead change maneuver score will be a zero (0); and e) a completed, simultaneous, flying lead change is a credit earning maneuver score.
  2. Up to twenty (20) entries will be accepted by the Farnam AQHA World official entry deadline of September 20, 2022. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis according to postmark date. An “also eligible’ list of entries will be maintained according to postmark date. In the case of entries with the same postmark date, a simple draw will be conducted to determine the successful entry(ies). Entry payments made for those horses offered the opportunity to compete, but do not compete, are non-refundable. Entry payments will be refunded for those entries not offered the opportunity to compete.
  3. Go order will be determined by draw 48 hours before the event. The same order will be used for the pattern, western pleasure presentation and conformation working order.
  4. Pattern class will be numerically scored and then placed.
  5. Horses cannot have been shown ASTRIDE in any western riding, trail or in any similar Pleasure Versatility Challenge event prior to September 20. As of September 20 and thereafter, horses may be shown without restriction at any competition without forfeiting PVC eligibility.
  6. There are no eligibility restrictions (show record, participation or money earned) for the western pleasure or conformation classes.
  7. In the pattern class, 3-year-olds will be shown in either a hackamore or snaffle. Any AQHA-approved bit will be optional in the western pleasure class.
  8. Pattern markers will be cones with no additional pattern enhancements, such as flower boxes, etc. The practice pattern will be the same as that used for the actual competition pattern (cones and pole colors). A practice time will be allocated the evening before the event on the exercise schedule.
  9. Upon the approval to remount after the pattern-class segment of the event, contestants will be given a maximum of five minutes (unless extenuating circumstances) to warm-up for the western pleasure class.
  10. Horses will jog in and go down the center of the show pen when entering for western pleasure.
  11. Horses will be backed up in the western pleasure class in the center of the arena once the rail portion of the class is completed.
  12. Pattern obstacles may be removed from obstructing the path for the western pleasure or conformation segments of the event.
  13. Upon the completion and line up of the western pleasure class, tack will be removed (with the assistance of up to two grooms), and the horse will be haltered and prepared for the conformation segment of the event. A countdown clock, set to five (5) allowable minutes, will be utilized when preparing horses for the conformation segment of the event. Time begins when the first wheelbarrow enters the in-gate. Horses will not be jogged for soundness as this is a Conformation class and soundness would have been determined during the first two performance classes.
  14. Any horse competing in this event is subject to AQHA drug-testing rules.
  15. This event is open to 3-year-old registered American Quarter Horses.
  16. Fifteen (15) horses will be placed in each class. The top ten (10) places will receive an award in each class and overall.
  17. All payouts will be held until results of all drug testing has been completed.