This disease is 100% fatal in horses, which is why the the annual vaccination is strongly recommended for all horses.

This equine neurologic disease is caused by a virus in the saliva of infected animals, usually transmitted through a bite of a rabies-infected animal. Once inside the horse, the virus travels up the nervous system to the brain, where the disease progresses rapidly and is always fatal.

TRANSMISSION: A bite of a rabid animal, such as a skunk, raccoon, fox or bat. A bite most often occurs on the horse’s lower limbs, face or muzzle. Transmission can also occur if an open cut or mucous membrane, such as the gums of the mouth, are exposed to saliva from infected animals.

CLINICAL SIGNS: Colic, choke, depression, lameness, head pressing, circling, difficulty urinating, tremors, loss of appetite, incoordination, ataxia, death


Potential for transmission from horses to humans.

PREVENTION: Initial vaccination series with CORE EQ INNOVATORTM followed by annual spring revaccination

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Annual vaccination offers a responsible approach to protecting against core diseases.

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