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Naming Your Foal

Follow this guide to help you select the perfect name for your Quarter Horse foal.

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Naming your new foal can be fun! You could compose the name of your foal using the sire and dam names. Using prominent names in the pedigree can be a means of signifying the lineage. Others take a different approach and opt for a creative and unique name that sets their foal apart, whether it's for the show ring, race track, cultural reference or personal influence. Here are some guidelines to follow while selecting the perfect name for your horse.

  • AQHA only allows for 20 spaces, including letters, numbers and blank spaces.
  • Arabic numbers are permitted at the end of a name. Example: DASH FOR CASH F6
  • No punctuation marks are permitted.
  • We accept sound-alike names. Example: Dashin EZ and Dashin Easy.
  • We DO need to check for identical spellings, even if they are spaced differently. Example: Easyjet and Easy Jet.
  • There is no limit on the number of initials or numbers that are in the name, and the name can begin and end with a single letter.
  • We do not accept ill-mannered or vulgar names.

In order to reuse an existing horse name, the horse originally issued that name must be deceased as evidenced by AQHA records, and the original horse cannot have a race or show record or any AQHA special achievement awards or alliance recognition that appear on the horse's record. The horse must not have any produce or get younger than 10 years of age, nor any with a show or race record or any AQHA special achievement awards or alliance recognition. If the horse was born in 1979 or before and is only marked as computer deceased, it is OK to reuse the name as long as all of the other requirements are met.

You can also reserve a name by submitting a written request by 
mail, email or fax. You must include the customer’s name and ID number for which you wish to reserve it under. The $75 cost must be paid in full before it is reserved, the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. We will reserve the name for 12 months.

Once a horse is named, it is a part of AQHA history. No matter what name is chosen, your horse will have the honor and privilege of being registered as a part of the most prestigious horse breed in the world.

Questions about this process? 
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Is weaning time approaching? There are plenty of decisions to be made for your foal. The Weaning Foals e-book, free to AQHA members, focuses on weanling nutrition and best practices for weaning.