The November 2019 Preview

A look inside the latest issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal.

The King of Ranches
By Richard Chamberlain
With more than 7,200 registered foals, the King Ranch is the 2019 AQHA Best Remuda winner.

What Little Sister Knew
By Tanya Randall
Emily Marschand won the 2018 All-Around Amateur title with her late sister’s Gota Good Rodder.

What a Great Party!
Candid photos from the 2019 Adequan® Select World Championship Show

Shorty’s Hats
By Jim Jennings
You know the famous hats. Now meet their maker, Shorty Koger.

A New Beginning
By Larri Jo Starkey
More than 20 exhibitors won their first world championships at the 2019 Adequan® Select World Championship Show, which was in Fort Worth, Texas, for the first time.

2019 Adequan® Select World Champions
The winners from the 2019 Adequan® Select World Championship Show.

The Honor Roll
Exhibitors and their horses traveled for a full year to earn year-end high-point titles.

By AQHA Professional Horsewoman Paula Pray with Megan Arszman
Make #NoIronsNovember last all year long with these tips.

Jennifer Paul
By Larri Jo Starkey
The 2018 year-end high-point open exhibitor has always wanted to ride horses.

Polished Perfection
By Tanya Randall
No Doubt I Shine wins AQHA All-Around Junior Horse title for Rachel Trebesh.

Perfect Pony
By Sara Gugelmeyer
For the second year in a row, Heza Radical Zip is the year-end high-point senior horse for Bonnie Sheren.

That Select Spirit
Inside Look By Larri Jo Starkey

EIA Update
Horse Health By Dr. Thomas R. Lenz 

Fourth Time’s the Charm
Breeding Shed By Dr. Patrick McCue

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Up and Over By Pamela Britton-Baer 

In the News
News from the American Quarter Horse industry.

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AQHA Event Calendar

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