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AQHA membership provides a variety of invaluable benefits from exclusive partner discounts to programs, competitions and events, and an award-winning magazine.

Benefits of Membership

Make your AQHA membership work for you. These AQHA corporate partners and programs give you an extra bang for your membership buck.

Become an AQHA Member

1 Year $65 1 Year $75 1 Year $25
3 Years $160 3 Years $190 3 Years $65
Lifetime $1250 Lifetime (N/A)  Lifetime (until 18) $125
Membership Discounts and Savings
  • John Deere: save up to 28%
  • ODP Solutions: save up to 70%
  • Sherwin Williams: save up to 40%
  • Big Ass Fans: save up to 25%
  • SmartPak: save 5%
  • Bank of America: $200 online cash rewards bonus offer with AQHA credit card
  • Markel: 10% credit
  • Of The West: save 10% on job postings
  • Fuel Card: save 15 cents per gallon and commercial discounts
  • USRider: roadside assistance for AQHA members 


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