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Learn more about educational opportunities and scholarships available for AQHYA members.

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Supporting future leaders in accomplishing their dreams.

Growing up with an American Quarter Horse teaches youth the values of compassion, dedication and hard work. They learn to become leaders and visionaries. For youth who strive to turn their passion into a career, scholarships can help make higher education affordable.

Junior Master Horseman

Junior Master Horseman uses activities and offers hands-on workshops to teach kids all about horses! This awesome program is a perfect supplement for 4-H horse and pony clubs as well as classroom and rainy day craft sessions for any horse crazy kid.

Take Me Riding

The AQHA “Take Me Riding” (TMR) video series is meant to be fun and to get young children interested in having horses in their lives. The series also offers something else – it can serve as a springboard for all kinds of additional learning, whether it’s after school, before school or even during school.

Horse Judging

Join the educational and fun experience of judging horses with AQHYA.
March 23, 2020 | Youth State & Regional Scholarships
American Quarter Horse Youth Association members are eligible for thousands of dollars in scholarships.
March 19, 2020 | Ranching Ranching
January 13, 2020 | News and Publications Ranching
October 22, 2019 | News and Publications Judges
October 14, 2019 | News and Publications National youth racing experience

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