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Your best bet for American Quarter Horse handicapping. Download guides, read blogs and tips, and go to Night School, an online learning opportunity for horse racing wagerers.

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Night School

Night School is a free 90-minute program that focuses on broadening horse racing’s fan base through more consumer knowledge and confidence.

This online learning opportunity allows horse racing players of all skill levels to gather tips and ask questions live with professional handicappers via a live blog and live chat interface. The program offers a live show the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 8:30 p.m. Eastern through December 11, with the exception of major holidays. The free 90-minute program focuses on broadening horse racing’s fan base through more consumer knowledge and confidence.

You choose the show topics! Tweet suggestions to #NightSchoolBoard, or direct message @HorsePlayerNow.

Wagering and Handicapping Guides

AQHA's Introductory Guide to Wagering is an excellent resource for beginners; it walks the reader through all major aspects of wagering on American Quarter Horses in an easy-to-read format.

Our Handicapping Guide takes a more advanced and in-depth look at handicapping American Quarter Horses. It's still a great resource for beginners and intermediates, and also includes plenty of information for the existing Thoroughbred handicapper.

Ready to try some casual handicapping? Read the Q-Racing Aces' 5-Easy Steps to get you started!

Speed and Class

TrackMaster is AQHA's official handicapping services provider. TrackMaster offers a variety of handicapping products including their new Quarter Horse Speed and Class Ratings.

Need more handicapping tips?

E-mail racing@aqha.org for a FREE "American Quarter Horse Handicapping with the Pros" DVD and printed materials.


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When figuring performance lines, Beyer figures are used for Thoroughbreds and speed indexes are used for Quarter Horses. What’s the difference?
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Making your own speed figures.