AQHA Horseback Riding Program: All-Breeds 2,000 Hour Awards

Congratulations to the All-Breeds Horseback Riding Program participants who have completed 2,000-hours - the best reward is a journey full of memories.

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Janetta Martin
Montana Sky
Oakhurst, Oklahoma​​​​​​


Bonnie Quance
Gadsby, Alberta, Canada

I am a lifetime member of AQHA, and so happy to have reached the 2,000 hour milestone for all breed horseback riding hours.  Logging my hours brings awareness on how many hours have been spent enjoying the winter months driving.  Since retirement, I am blessed to ride or drive every day.  My husband Stan and I reside on the family homestead which has a beautiful coulee with the Big Knife Creek running through the bottom north pasture.  You don't stop riding and driving when you get OLD, you get OLD when you stop. Thank you for the program!




Sharon Petrone
QT's Black Manitou, aka "Bubs"
Prescott Valley, AZ
"QT’s Black Manitou (Bubs) is 24 years old - he has survived two successful colic surgeries and a chronic suspensory issue and he has gotten ME through chemotherapy! — he STILL loves the show ring!!! We have been together 15 fantastic years achieving the State of Iowa ACTHA Championship in  2012-13, numerous Western Dressage Awards, Paint awards and continues to be 'MY BABY!!!!'"



Alexis Settler
Dazle Her With Chocolate
Pentwater, Michigan



Kristin Davies
Ris Key Delta, aka "Delta"
East Rochester, Ohio

Delta is the first horse I've trained every step of the way by myself and he inspires me daily with how sweet, brave, willing, and silly he is. He comes running when he hears my voice and happily tolerates all the crazy ideas my friends and I come up with for him; he has worn countless costumes, has been in my house more than once, and was in a parade as a yearling. I'm so blessed to have him in my life; he's the first horse who has felt like he was mine since I lost my first horse over a decade ago.

My favorite memory from my HBR journey is my first real trail ride on Delta this summer. He turned 4 this year so after years of groundwork and a handful of rides in the arena at home, I took him out on the trails at Jefferson Lake State Park. He made me so proud; he bravely walked out in front the whole ride and really seemed to enjoy the adventure. There's no feeling in the world like riding a horse that you've poured your heart and soul into for years and realizing you've taught him everything he knows.

I'm looking forward to getting a lot more trail miles on Delta, introducing him to cattle and ranch sorting, and continuing to improve our communication, all the while going on every adventure we can. Soon, I also will be travelling back to Iowa to bring home his 2022 maternal half-sister from his breeder, Dusty Road Horses.



Danny Crampton
Midland, Michigan



Karen Shannon
Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada

Boomer is a truly unique Paint Appaloosa, exhibiting both the pinto markings and a spotted blanket on his hips. Riding is a life-long passion for me. During the winter, I find Boomer in the pasture, put on a hackamore, climb on something, and Boomer moves over so I can get on. We will continue our HBR journey, riding the trails together, perhaps for another 2000 hours.


Lena Kronschnabl
Juanna Lil Red Rose, Snoopys Black Juan, Snaps Bully girl
Thorsby, Alberta, Canada

All of my horses mean the world to me as I love them to pieces! Each one has his own personality, and not all of them are way to handle. They work extremely well for me and I am so happy friends trusted me and gave me the opportunity to own them. As part of the Horseback Riding Program, I love the gifts and getting my own mail, plus it is really interesting how many hours I spend with the horses! In the future, I want to compete in our amateur rodeos, high school rodeos and our local junior rodeos as I do barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, ribbon roping, breakaway roping and started to team rope (heeling). 


Danielle Meyers
Chattaroy, Washington

I don't think I could possibly pick just one memory from our HBR journey. Though we went to many shows, chased a lot of cows in the arena,  and went on countless trail rides through our beautiful Washington forests, the best memories are just from the daily rides I would squeeze in after school or work. The times when I was emotionally exhausted and just needed a friend; those memories are my favorite. 

This is Sundance and me at my wedding in September 2018. He was my best friend so of course he had to be at my wedding! 




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