Multilingual Resources

AQHA has members in more than 100 countries around the world. For that reason, it is necessary that key forms, tools and other materials are translated into languages beyond English. AQHA is proud to introduce a multilingual resource library  for international and domestic members to utilize in other languages.


AQHA’s five primary core languages are French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. These are the languages most spoken by the AQHA international member population. The eight primary AQHA business service forms (registration application, transfer report, stallion breeding report, duplicate certificate, corrected certificate, horse name change, genetic testing and membership application) have undergone translation by AQHA initiative. We hope they help you to complete your AQHA business!

The following forms have undergone translation by independent initiative of AQHA international affiliates. For this reason, each of the 8 primary business forms may not be included.


The proper completion of AQHA forms supports quicker and smoother processing once received at the Association. The following guides were created for you, our AQHA member, to help clarify the elements necessary to register, transfer or breed an American Quarter Horse.

Guides to AQHA Forms in English

AQHA Transfer Report Guide

AQHA Stallion Breeding Report Guide

AQHA Registration Application Guide

AQHA Genetic Test Guide


Guias Para Formulários AQHA em Português (Guides to AQHA Forms in Portuguese)

Guia para o Formulário de Transferência de Propriedade da AQHA

Guia para o Formulário de Reprodução de Garanhões da AQHA

Guia do Pedido de Registro da AQHA

Guia para testes genéticos da AQHA


Anleitungen zu AQHA-Formularen in deutscher Sprache (Guides to AQHA Forms in German)

AQHA-Leitfaden Zur Besitzwechselanzeige

AQHA-Leitfaden zum Bedeckungsbericht

AQHA-Leitfaden zum Registrierungsantrag



Guida ai moduli AQHA in italiano (Guides to AQHA Forms in Italian)

Guida per il passaggio di proprietà AQHA

Guida per il bollettone di monta AQHA

Guida alla richiesta di registrazione AQHA

Guida ai test genetici AQHA


Guías de formularios AQHA en español (Guides to AQHA Forms in Spanish)

Guía para el Reporte de Transferencia

Guía para el Reporte de Monta de Semental

Guía para la Solicitud de Registro

Guía para la prueba genéticao


Guides des formulaires AQHA en français (Guides to AQHA Forms in French)

Guide d’aide au remplissage du transfert de propriété de l’AQHA

Guide d’aide au remplissage du rapport de saillie(s) de l’AQHA

Guide d’aide au remplissage de la demande d’enregistrement de l’AQHA

Guide des tests génétiques de l’AQHA