Equine Stem Cell Therapy

Equine stem cell therapy is helping horses with tendon and ligament injuries.
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New medical research and improvements in technology are giving hope to horses that suffer from bowed tendons, an injury that typically puts an end to a race horse's career.

Find out more in the FREE Stem Cell Therapy ebook.

This report will explain the research from studies coming from prestigious institutions such as Cornell University and leading researchers and experts such as Dr. Linda A. Dahlgren, an assistant professor at Virginia Tech University. Also, hear from Dr. Robert Harman, the veterinarian who founded and runs Vet-Stem Inc.

This ebook takes you through the following topics of stem cell therapy:

  • What stem cells are
  • Bone marrow stem cells
  • Adipose stem cells
  • Treatment and recovery of stem cell therapy
  • Other uses for stem cell therapy
  • Future of stem cell therapy
  • Other options to stem cell therapy for horses

See for yourself, with detailed pictures, how stem cell therapy compares to traditional methods, such as saline treatments, in the healing process. Other pictures show harvesting of adipose stem cells and the injecting of stem cells into a tendon with the assistance of an ultrasound for guidance.

Get up to speed by reading the FREE Stem Cell Therapy ebook.

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