Hunt Seat Equitation Patterns

This FREE e-book packs in 40 hunt seat equitation patterns so you can practice for your next horse show.

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Hunt seat equitation is an event that tests the rider’s ability – not the performance of the horse. Contestants work a predetermined pattern that includes changing gaits, backing up, figure 8’s, counter-cantering, and more. The FREE Hunt Seat Equitation Patterns e-book is a fantastic tool to help all levels of riders prepare for the show ring.

Many of the patterns in the Hunt Seat Equitation e-book have been featured at various AQHA shows. Download and peruse the 40 patterns included so you can better prepare for your next event.

If you’re looking for free horse show patterns, you’ll want to download AQHA’s Hunt Seat Equitation Patterns.

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April-May 2020

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