Longeing a Horse

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There are plenty of reasons for longeing a horse. Many of us see a horse longeing and think, "Oh it just needs to burn a little energy," but in the FREE ebook Longeing a Horse, esteemed horseman Joe Wolter gives us his reasoning behind the circular action.

“When I longe a horse, I don’t just chase him around in a circle. I want him to follow the feel of the longe line or lead rope,” Joe says. “If I was on him, going around in a circle, I would want him to follow his nose. I want the very same thing when I’m longeing him.”

Joe sets a great example of showing us how to longe a horse, while including clear descriptions, ensuring it is the correct way to longe.

In the FREE Longeing a Horse ebook, Joe shows you the best way to longe a horse, with tips that cover:

  • How to direct and drive a horse in a circle

  • Correct body position for a horse when longeing

  • When and how to change directions

Joe wants us to realize that this is an exercise not an act; the horse is meant to work and find a purpose in the routine rather than just lope mindlessly in circles.

As Joe says, "What we’re doing is getting a hold of his feet through the halter and controlling the life in the body."

About Joe Wolter

Joe Wolter's horsemanship has been shaped over the years by Ray Hunt, whom he worked with for a number of years, and both Bill and Tom Dorrance. Today Joe teaches clinics around the world and competes in ranch roping and other events as his clinic schedule allows. He and wife Jimmie divide their time between their home place in Aspermont, Texas, and a modest summer facility outside of Ballantine, Montana. To learn more, visit www.joewolter.com.

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