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The Official Job Platform of AQHA.

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AQHA Members save 10% on job posts on the Of The West website, the Official Job Platform of AQHA. Have a job to post? Use code AQHA2022 to save 10%.

At its core, Of The West was designed to fill a large void when it comes to the job-seeking and hiring process, specifically within the agriculture and western industries. As many of us know, it takes a special type of person to work in an ag or western industry. Industry experience isn’t necessarily a requirement, but a deep appreciation for our way of life and desire to pass our lifestyle down to the next generation is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, as an employer, it can be difficult to find that type of person, especially when there isn’t one single platform where those types of candidates are searching for jobs.

On the job seeking side of the spectrum, it can be difficult to find ag and western industry jobs when they’re intermixed with thousands of other positions. AND when you do find a new opportunity, you want to ensure that the people you’re working for, and with, have the same inherent values that you were raised with. 

Of The West is one single online location, where we could solve all of those problems—greatly benefiting the people and businesses that we consider to be the backbone of America.

Whether you’re looking to fill a full-time position, needing to fill-in seasonal work, wanting to bring on a summer intern, or on the hunt for a contract or agency-based position—Of The West is here to bring the people of the west together to strengthen our workforce and ensure that American agriculture and all aspects of our beloved western industries, are alive and well.