Qualifying and Entry Process for the Pleasure Versatility Challenge

A maximum of 25 horses to meet the qualifying and entry process will be exhibited in the 2019 Pleasure Versatility Challenge.

2019 Pleasure Versatility Challenge Entry Form

2019 Pleasure Versatility Challenge Stalling Form

  1. The first, and a maximum, twenty-five (25) horses to meet the qualifying and entry process will be exhibited in 2019. A list of “also eligible” horses will be maintained, on a first-come/first-serve basis, according to electronic/post-mark/hand date stamp, in the event any of the initial twenty-five (25) horses withdraw, become ineligible for any reason, or are unable to be shown for any reason. To be considered, payments must be received with the entry form.
  2. An entry payment of $1,000 is due by October 31, 2019. Of this amount, $850 goes to purse and $150 goes to AQHA to cover show administration costs. Entry payments made for those horses offered the opportunity to compete, but do not compete, are non-refundable. Entry payments will be refunded for all others.
  3. Entry in the Pleasure Versatility Challenge does NOT require AQHA Professional Horsemen Association membership, but an AQHA Professional Horsemen Association membership is highly recommended.