Quality Samples Program

The Quality Samples Program enables potential customers around the world to discover the quality and benefits of U.S. agricultural products.

Two women with a semen tank for the Quality Samples Program in the Czech Republic

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The U.S. Livestock Genetics Exports Inc. (USLGE) provides USDA grant dollars to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) to support the Quality Sample Program (QSP) and Market Access Program (MAP) initiatives to provide export-ready semen from U.S. stallions, as well as educational opportunities with American professionals.

QSP helps U.S. agricultural trade organizations provide samples of their agricultural products to potential importers in emerging markets overseas to stimulate interest and demand for U.S. agricultural products. By partaking in QSP, AQHA is proud to partner with international affiliates and U.S. ranches to make semen from superior American Quarter Horses more accessible in order to strengthen and diversify the gene pool globally. USLGE sponsors and administers this branded program with the goal of helping the U.S. livestock industry increase the international demand for U.S. livestock genetics. These funds are available through MAP funding by the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Via AQHA and our partner, USLGE, international affiliates apply for the USDA-funded Quality Samples Program. This program diversifies the gene pool globally, produces more registered American Quarter Horses and showcases the quality of US exports.

Interested in a quality samples program for your affiliate? Contact international@aqha.org.

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