One Artist Show

New exhibit at American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum highlighting artist Samantha Sherry.

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Samantha Sherry spent much of her childhood on a horse's back. She competed nationally in barrel racing events and was a member of her university's rodeo team. While a freshman in college, she took her first painting class and quickly decided to pursue a degree in art. After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art, she was accepted into the Masters of Fine Art program at the Memphis College of Art. She followed her MFA degree with a second Masters (MAT) also from MCA.

Samantha frequently uses equine imagery in her work, although her creations are not simply about painting 'pretty ponies'.

"Horses have always been my point of entry into the world, a way of framing, questioning, understanding, connecting and commemorating," she explains.

Within her work, the horse is symbolic and provides the distance and vocabulary necessary for her to explore deeply personal issues and motifs. 
Samantha's work examines the relationships between memory, family , identity and loss. Drawing upon her equestrian past (and present), horse forms and fragments become the language through which these ideas are explored and articulated.

Samantha is a full-time artist living in Tennessee with her husband, four dogs, and a two-year-old Quarter Horse filly she is currently training. She exhibits her work nationally at museums and galleries, most recently as pat of the Cowgirl Up! exhibition, Mountain Oyster Contemporary Art Show & Sale, The Western Spirit Art Show, Art of the West and America's Horse In Art.


For any questions regarding this exhibit or available artwork, please contact the museum at (806) 376-5181 or